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[Live Report] DesertFest Athens 2016
Monster Magnet, Jaw Bones Live at Principal Club Theater 03/04/2016
Million Hollers, Palindrom, Bύrlot live at 8ball photoreport
[Live Report] 45Rats, Burn the Sun, the Curf @An Club, Athens 25/09/2015
Durden Journals vol.6
[Live Report] Greenleaf @ six d.o.g.s Athens 8/5/2015
[Live Report] Full Throttle JAM vol.1
[Live Report] Kadavar, 45Rats live at An Club, Athens, Greece  30/11/2014
[Live Report] Kadavar, 45Rats, Astray @ Eightball, Salonica, 29/11/2014
[Live Report] Earthless & Tuber @ An Club, Athens, 12/11/2014
[Live Report] Planet of Zeus, Beggar's Blues Diary, Allochiria @ Stage Club, Larissa 24/4/2014
[Live Report] Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, This is Nowhere @An Club, Athens 11/4/2014
[Live Report] Villagers of Ioannina City, Chinese Basement @ Mylos Club Thessaloniki 2014-04-04
[Live Report] Belzebong, Automaton, Omega Monolith @ Six d.o.g.s., Athens 5/4/2014
[Live Report] Ufomammut & Last Rizla @ An Club, Athens, 29/03/2014
[Tour Diary] Singapore Sling live in Greece chronicle
[Live Report] Freak Valley Festival 2013: Day 03
[Live Report] Freak Valley Festival 2013: Day 02
[Live Report] Freak Valley Festival 2013: Day 01
[Live Report] Lucky Funeral Live Release Party w/ Sadhus, Allochiria @ Athens, 17/05/2013