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Welcome To Downtuned Radio!
Downtuned Magazine goes ON AIR broadcasting 24/7 and is going to be heavy, downtuned and above all D.I.Y. We have already launched a few live radio shows and even more will come. Most of them are Greek-spoken but I'm working in adding foreign shows too. You can check the station's program below the player for more info. I'll really appreciate your help by tuning in and let me know about any kind of problems you might experience as connection problems, interruptions, streaming quality etc. If you're interested in taking up a show on Downtuned Radio don't hesitate to contact us. Furthermore I would like to hear your impressions, ideas and opinion. You can come in touch through the chatbox below (we're using it only when a live show is on air), our contact section or Facebook.
Stay (Down)Tuned!
ATTENTION!! Downtuned Radio has migrated to a new server. In case you're using a playlist file for your player be sure to update it by downloading the new ones.

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MONDAYS20:00Up To Eleven
22:30Rock Stoner Radio Colombia
WEDNESDAYS18:00All The Heavy Lifting
20:00Just A Burn
THURSDAYS20:00Heavy Dalga