[Live Report] Earthless & Tuber @ An Club, Athens, 12/11/2014

Earthless & Tuber @ An Club, Athens, 12/11/2014
Greece finally made it to see Earthless for the first time, in Athens. Smoke the Fuzz Gigs brought along with them, Tuber from Serres.
The gig started 15 minutes after 21.00 with Tuber on stage bringing a lot of psychedelia with them, mostly from their first EP & LP releases.
They had a crystal clear sound although the fuzziness in their guitars and they seemed like they have been through a lot of progress until their final forms and compositions. 

Most of their compositions have a main riff which actually is going through a lot of tension until it finally explodes. They also amused us with a new song and they stood on stage for almost an hour. Their sound could be described as instrumental - post - psychedelic rock. Tuber is a very promising band and we’re happy that they managed to get us into the night’s feeling. We wish Tuber the best and let ‘em kick ass in next year’s Freak Valley Festival.

At 22.30 Earthless went on stage, they grabbed us and threw us into the night’s groove - just like that. With their Endless jams and solos, Earthless are proud Jimi Hendrix continuers with a lot of psychedelia in their sound. An Club was just a bit close from being really full… Earthless started with “Uluru Rock”, jumping into their long-lasting compositions from the first minute. Groovy basslines, a fascinating guitar level playing and heavy drums. Earthless were tiptop at their performance. After the bluesy “Uluru Rock”, came the “Violence of the Red Sea” and we dived into psychedelia. Guitars were screaming and grooving for 15+ raw minutes. All their tracks are highly elaborate and they didn’t let anyone to question it that night… Their most loved song, “Sonic Prayer” just came after and the evening just begun. The band was very focused at their playing and they gave another top performance. For half an hour Earthless trapped us into their smoky sounds and they proved their greatness, adding Led Zeppelin’s “Dazed and Confused” amazing solo in the middle! It was definitely the gig’s best moment. You could see people around you being fascinated by their performance.


After three songs of theirs that lasted and hour (!), Earthless played three amazing covers. Some needed vocals added, just to make a little difference… First, it was Groundhogs’ “Mistreated”, a groovy-prog song which was improvised with detail and lots of rock n’ roll spirit. “Cherry Red”, another Groundhog song followed, which is a known Earthless’ cover too. Rock n’ roll playing was there to finish us, and so it did with Earl King’s cover “Come On (Let the good times roll)”, mostly known by a Jimi Hendrix version, for Encore. Following the spirit of Jimi Hendrix and classic’s psychedelic-progressive 70’s rock, Earthless gave us an outstanding performance, definitely one of the year’s best. We hope that we’ll be able to enjoy them again soon.

Uluru Rock
Violence Of the Red Sea
Sonic Prayer
Mistreated (Groundhogs cover)
Cherry Red (Groundhogs cover)
Come On (Earl King, Jimi Hendrix cover)

(Thanks a lot Gaia for words & Alexandros Hatziaggelou for photos)
for more & more & more photos click here Stoned-on-Stage

by Kavaldi

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