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~Heavy Dalga~ show #301 (2020-01-14) [S09E08]
[Compilation] An Alien Heat - '70s space rock
[Videotheque] Ultracombo - Il Momento In Cui Non Penso
[Videotheque] Sunflower Caravan – The Business (Will Carry on as Usual)
~Heavy Dalga~ show #300 (2020-01-07) [S09E06]
[The 60's-70's Vault] Star Children In Unison
[Compilation] Psychedecade ('10s) - [Vol.5]
~Heavy Dalga~ show #299 (2020-12-24) [S09E06]
[Compilation] Psychedecade ('10s) - [Vol.4]
[Compilation] In Blissful Company (The 60s-70s Vault)
~Heavy Dalga~ show #298 (2020-12-17) [S09E05]
[Videotheque] Monstroid - Fall in line
[Videotheque] Indica Blues - We Are Doomed
~Heavy Dalga~ show #297 (2020-12-10) [S09E04]
[Videotheque] 1000mods - Warped
[Videotheque] Kill Your Boyfriend - Jean
[The 60's-70's Vault] Inside The Dream Syndicate - Drone Music in the 1970s
~Heavy Dalga~ show #296 (2020-11-26) [S09E03]
[Videotheque] TrYangle - All (Les Affamés recut by Fred Rocha)
[Compilation] Swedish Stoner Rock scene in the 2000s - Vol. 2
~Heavy Dalga~ show #295 (2020-11-19) [S09E02]
[News] TRITA - Shout, Tears for Fears cover, (profits will be donated)
[Videotheque] ZOLLE - M'ACCETTA
[The 60's-70's Vault] Vibes in Africa
~Heavy Dalga~ show #294 (2020-11-12) [S09E01]