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[Videotheque] Six Steps Above the Earth - Drone Sessions #2
~Heavy Dalga~ show #281 (2020-05-21) [S08E27]
[Quick Fixes] Adrala - s/t (EP)
[Videotheque] Puta Volcano - Black Box
Downtuned needs your HELP
~Heavy Dalga~ show #280 (2020-05-14) [S08E26]
[Compilation] Ohm Sweet Ohm - 70s Electronic Music
Fresh Cuts radioshow updates
~Heavy Dalga~ show #279 (2020-05-07) [S08E25]
[Videotheque] Melt - Hellion
[Videotheque] You, Me and the Harmony - Collide
~Heavy Dalga~ show #278 (2020-04-30) [S08E24]
[Quick Fixes] Rafael Denardi - Two Handfuls of Rock
[Videotheque] Vain Valkyries - Table Rase
[Videotheque] Kooba Tercu - Fair Game
~Heavy Dalga~ show #277 (2020-04-23) [S08E23]
[Videotheque] KAYLETH - Corrupted
[Compilation] Tin Man vol.6 by Aza Records
~Heavy Dalga~ show #276 (2020-04-16) [S08E22]
[Videotheque] Skiska Skooper - Dreamgazer
[Videotheque] Morphine Social Club - The Hunt
[Compilation] Movements of a Visionary
~Heavy Dalga~ show #275 (2020-04-09) [S08E21]
[News] Million Hollers - Like a Wolf
[Videotheque] Lead Desert Blues - Let It Out