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~Heavy Dalga~ show #260 (2019-11-28) [S08E06]
[Quick Fixes] Kill Your Boyfriend - Elizabeth
~Heavy Dalga~ show #259 (2019-11-21) [S08E05]
[Videotheque] Nubosidad Parcial - Asciende
~Heavy Dalga~ show #258 (2019-11-14) [S08E04]
[Videotheque] The Screaming Fly - Reflection (Ziria festival 2019)
[Videotheque] SuperSoul - Blackhorse (Ziria festival 2019)
[Videotheque] The Screaming Fly - ASTRO (Ziria Festival 2019)
[News] 2_NANOI, Six Steps Above the Earth, Ghone [live 12.Dec.'19]
[Quick Fixes] Seer of the Void - Venom Black (single)
[Compilation] I'm stuck [Vol. 3]
[News] Kvelertak & Planet of Zeus 2020 Euro-tour
[Review] Jalayan - Sonic Drive
[Videotheque] Kevel - Of Being
[News] Planet of Zeus 2019 tour dates
[Suggestion] Six Steps Above the Earth - Step 5
[News] Bat Signal & Warning! tour 2019
[Videotheque] Whereswilder - Hold Up
[Wood & Voltage] Ποτενσιόμετρα ηλεκτρικών οργάνων
[Videotheque] The Answer? - Falling Down
[News] BUS European tour 2019 w/ Obsidian Sea
[Videotheque] madebygrey - Waltz of denial (Ziria festival 2019)
[News] Bonzai Greek tour [Oct.'19]
[Videotheque] Domadora - Volcano Sessions #5, Part-2 (live)
[Videotheque] Mutonia - Radio