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[Compilation] Swedish Stoner Rock scene in the 2000s - Vol. 1
~Heavy Dalga~ show #292 (2020-10-08) [S08E38]
[Videotheque] Lefki Symphonia - Black Twilight
[News] Methadone Skies release remastered debut 'Enter the Void'
~Heavy Dalga~ show #291 (2020-10-01) [S08E37]
[News] Calyces new song & video. Debut album coming soon
[Videotheque] Bismut - Oscuramento
[Videotheque] Orbiter - In Echoes
~Heavy Dalga~ show #290 (2020-09-24) [S08E36]
[Compilation] UNITY vol 1 - In SOLIDARITY with the Refugees of MORIA Camp
[Videotheque] Ethyl Ether - Ode (premiere)
[News] Instant Boner new single. Album coming soon
[Videotheque] Rollin' Dice - With You
[News] Follow Downtuned on YouTube
~Heavy Dalga~ show #289 (2020-07-23) [S08E35]
Conium Drank the Socrates Radioshow updates
[Videotheque] Savage Lucy - Vagabond
[News] Anal Veritas to release new EP 'DmLShD'
~Heavy Dalga~ show #288 (2020-07-16) [S08E34]
[News] Born To Hula NEW singles
[Videotheque] Electric Feat - The Caveman
~Heavy Dalga~ show #287 (2020-07-09) [S08E33]
[Videotheque] Cherrybeats - 1000 Yard Stare
~Heavy Dalga~ show #286 (2020-07-02) [S08E32]
[News] The Amblers - Sixteen 100 Year Olds (single)