[Live Report] Full Throttle JAM vol.1

full throttle jam vol. 1
Barcode Music along with Full Throttle radio show organized their first “mini festival” a.k.a.  JAM at Kyttaro music stage on January 18th. We had the opportunity to enjoy a variety of Greek underground heavy bands in an attempt for the audience to come closer and the bands to spread their music.
GodSleep were supposed to be the headliners of that first attempt but they didn’t make it unfortunately and they were replaced by 45Rats. We hope to (and we think we will) see GodSleep in the next Full Throtle JAM!

jaw breaker
Jaw Breaker
The gig started with a little delay but the fresh-new Greek underground Jaw Breaker rewarded us. Jaw Breaker is a fresh add in the Greek heavy underground scene and we should wait a lot from these guys. Their sound could be described us southern metal with lots of Zakk Wylde influences in their guitar playing. Although their “freshness”, they were communicative and they have quite a firm sound. Jaw Breaker is definitely a band that we want to follow and listen to again in the future because of their promising sound and the lack of southern metal in the local underground scene.

Spacement then followed, a new band that is already embraced in the underground scene. Instead of the heavy riffs and solos of Jaw Breaker, Spacement focuses on psychedelic doom sounds with distinct influences from bands like Reverend Bizarre and Sleep but with the proper bit of sludge. They seem to have been working through lots of heavy sounds in order to shape their own. To assure us for their purposes, they covered Electric Wizard’s “Return Trip”. Sure thing is that this band has already started to mark their area in the scene and they get better and better in every live we have the opportunity to enjoy them. They’re very active and we should wait to watch them often in great evening like this.

korsikov featuring babis (planet of zeus)
Korsikov featuring Babis (Planet of Zeus)
Korsikov were next and they marked the gig with their doom- sludge sound. Korsikov is a known band in the scene and our guess is that most of the people there knew what they should expect; heavy riffs, intense doom playing. We think that the most exceptional moments of the evening were while Korsikov were on stage and they had two great vocal guests; Stavros from Sadhus (the smoking community) and Babis from Planet of Zeus. Korsikov can’t actually let the audience unsatisfied because their tracks are very well-worked and genuinely doom. We’re looking forward to their first release!

45Rats finished the evening. Although their sound is different than the ones we’ve already heard, we enjoyed them one more time. 45Rats is a remarkable example of rock n’ roll sound and they’ve been highly active through the years. Being headliners added a nice & different touch in the evening, because of that different and more-easy-to-hear sound they have in comparison with their previous bands. Rock n’ roll riffs, high skills and lots of fun spirit. We’re able to listen to three new tracks of theirs which we hope to hear in a second upcoming release soon. Unfortunately, because of the past time, they had to minimize their set and it was ok because, not only we know that we’ll enjoy them soon again, but because the evening was already great.

We listened to great bands in the first Full Throttle JAM and we’re very curious to attend the second one, which we hope that will have a bigger audience. Besides, it’s just the beginning. We hope Barcode Music and Full Throttle to keep on promoting the good music and the underground scene. The bands really enjoyed themselves which was important for the audience and it’s very pleasant to watch together many bands with lots of spirit and energy! See you in Vol. 2.

by Gaia

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