05 September 2014

[Quick Fixes] Burn the Sun - Crack of Dawn

Burn the Sun make their first attempt to release an album with the EP “Crack of Dawn”. These five songs which last almost 30 minutes, can be listened to without a break. A mixture of rock that lies on psychedelia, desert structure and heavy-sludge details. In general, the sound is fresh, with good production, the guitars have done some great work, melodies and solos in right proportion. 

04 September 2014

[The 60's-70's Vault] Hard Meat

Hard - psych rock music in the U.K. was quite popular in the late 60s, for many bands emerged from the underground, some of them succeeded in gaining even world recognition while most remained unknown to a wider audience. One of the cities that produced some of England's finest rock material was Birmingham. The city's bombed scenery and its factory hard jobs forced many youngsters to escape this low quality life by forming bands and playing as many gigs as possible.

Formed in 1969, Hard Meat was a heavy psych trio hailing from Birmingham. Mike Dolan (vocals, guitars), Steve Dolan (bass, vocals) and Mick Carless (drums) were the core members accompanied by Pete Westbrook on flute and Phil Jump on keyboards on the second album. The trio recorded a 7" single in 1969, on Island records, including a cover of the Beatles' song Rain on side A and as a B-side their original song Burning Up Years.

02 September 2014

[Interview] Down with Purple Dino

Welcome to Downtuned. 
Tell us a few words about the group, when and where did you get started?
How did you meet?
The band was formed in early 2013, and we had our first gig in April of that year, opening for Universe217. We actually know each other for a long time, but we did not realise that we all share the passion for playing music till our first rehearsal! Its funny, I know, but … Better late than never!!

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11 August 2014

[Quick Fixes] Alien Mustangs - River (10'' EP)

Despite the fact that I am on vacation I felt a strong desire to write a few words about this great release and share my enthusiasm with the rest of the planet.
Since May 21st, which was the release date of this EP, I must have listened to this "gem" several dozen times.
These guys from Thessaloniki, Greece really did a great job in this (2nd) EP. In their first s/t EP (2012) they introduced us to their garage mood, with their energetic guitars and the great vocals that absolutely fit to their musical style.