17 December 2014

[Quick Fix] OTEHI - Dead Chants And Forbidden Melodies

It's a great feeling to see that a band that you liked in the past is making steps forward in a very natural and "carefull" way but at the same time keeping a very spontaneous attitude. "OTEHI" is one of these bands that recently made me feel this way with their new release "Dead Chants and Forbiden Melodies". Being already very fond of their previous EPs (Noisy Spirit/2011, Rise of the Elements/2012) I was glad to realise that with their newest and first full release they continued walking in the same nice path they already have chosen from the beginning.
In many cases we have experienced a band releasing a demo or an EP with a particular sound and then chosing (wrongly imho) to make a full release with a "polished", "shiny" production which makes them sound like any of the other one trillion bands on this galaxy.

12 December 2014

[Interview] Down with the Barber Shop

Welcome to Downtuned
Tell us a few words about the group, when and where did you get started?
How did you meet?
Jim is the owner of a bar Kostas and Yiannis used to hang out.One night Jim asked Kostas to jam together along with the former bass player, Sofoklis. The result was promising and they formed the band in early 2014. The very first and greatest supporter of the band was George, owner of a vintage, music influenced barber shop, actually being a great place to hang out, discuss about and listen to good music. Naturally, he was assigned to come up with a name for the band. And the name of the band… The Barber Shop. After the first live at POM Fest, Yiannis heard the band and digged into the vintage psych sound. When he heard the band needed a new bassist he accepted half serious half joking (since he himself was a guitarist and had never played bass) and that was that. After one rehearsal he was declared a member of The Barber Shop and the current lineup was set.

09 December 2014

[Interview] Down with Afformance

Welcome to Downtuned
Tell us a few words about the group, when and where did you get started?
How did you meet?
Hello Downtuned! We started around 2005 in Athens when I met John and Petros who were playing together in the latter's home studio. I met John through an mirc channel (younger audiences will have to google that) where for some reason, we decided we should make a band. After a few rehearsals, Dennis and Fotis joined us and the rest is history. Since then, we have had some changes in the lineup and now Nick and Kostas are our bass player and drummer, respectively.

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04 December 2014

[Live Report] Kadavar, 45Rats live at An Club, Athens, Greece 30/11/2014

Delivering the goods

A few years back the norm was to arrive late at the venue and skip the support band. Tonight that wasn't the case since 45Rats have made a name for themselves in the local scene. It's a classic power trio band that plays instrumental songs. Despite the lack of vocals their compositions where a nice warm up to our ears, while we were waiting for Kadavar. Their presence on stage was subtle focusing on delivering their arrangements. Among others they offered us a preview of two new songs and ended their set with “Prediction: Pain”. They need to work a bit more on their stage presence but overall their performance was flawless.

03 December 2014

[Live Report] Kadavar, 45Rats, Astray @ Eightball, Salonica, 29/11/2014

Kadavar visited Greece for the second time in their career, after releasing their amazing second album for two shows in Thessaloniki and Athens. Along with them, we enjoyed the well-known Greek band, 45Rats and Astray, a fresh new stoner rock band. Kadavar’s retro sound spread quickly with their first self-titled album and until their second release, “Abra Kadavar” (released by the almighty Nuclear Blast) they have already been a must-listen retro band.

28 November 2014

[Interview] Down with Astray

Welcome to Downtuned
Tell us a few words about the group, when and where did you get started?
How did you meet?
The band was formed in 2007. We knew each other before Astray and some of us are old friends. The current line-up is the same from 2010.

Which are your musical influences?
Many kinds but mostly rock, metal and blues.