23 March 2018

[Compilation] Downtuned Sessions Vol.1 - Unbalance The Pen

Downtuned Sessions Vol. 1 - Unbalance The Pen
Downtuned Sessions Vol. 1
'Unbalance The Pen'

A collection of heavy-psych and psychedelic tunes.

The list was originally compiled back in 2013 and it's now reuploaded on Downtuned's mixcloud so that it is available for everyone to enjoy it.

22 March 2018

[News] Planet of Zeus European tour 2018

Planet of Zeus European tour 2018
Planet of Zeus announced the full schedule for their European spring tour 2018 that kicks off this April. The tour contains 22 gigs with 14 of those being co-headlined with Lionize.

Check the full tour schedule below:

19 March 2018

[News] WEEDWOLF Greek tour March'18

weedwolf tour 218
Weedwolf, the sludge-punks from Germanty are back in Greece for a tour!

They will be appearing at:
- UTOPIA A.D. Squat (Komotini, Palia Nomiki) on 22/3
- Matsaggou Squat (Volos) on 23/3
- Υπόγα Κ94 (Athens) on 24/3
- Αυτοδιαχειριζόμενο Στέκι-ΤΕΙ (Karditsa) on 26/3.

Also the band is going to play in Ioannina, Piraeus, and Thessaloniki but the info for those gigs are not yet available.

More info:

16 March 2018

[Suggestion] Okwaho - Okwaho

Okwaho - Okwaho
It's been almost 2,5 years since Okwaho released their first 3-track-demo and now they are back with their debut full album! It's heavy, it's low, it's slow, its sludgy, it's dark it's massive and it's angry, balancing between doom and sludge, with 'bluesy' attitude and the proper vocals. Highly recommended for fans of ultra bass sound, massive distortion and slow speeds.

[News] Babel Trio new album teaser

Babel Trio
Babel Trio, earlier today, gave in public a small teaser taken from their recordings for the track "Dervish Dance" which will be included in their upcoming sophomore album. Watch the teaser below....

11 March 2018

[Quick Fixes] Marijannah - Till Marijannah

Marijannah - Till Marijannah
We don't often get a release from the island of Singapore, although in the past there were some bands that emerged from the Singaporean underground and managed to be heard outside their country. Band like "Wormrot" (grindocre) and "The Caulfield Cult" (punk-post-hardcore).

05 March 2018

[Suggestion] Fuel Eater - Soberian Kinship

Fuel Eater - Soberian Kinship
Fuel Eater evolved and improved their sound and decided to follow a more metal and groovy path. Although I'm not a very big fan of the southern style I listened repeatedly to this album and spotted some interesting aspects that may help the band establish a more personal style and character.

28 February 2018

[News] 4.20 Symposium Fest @AN Club [20.Apr.'18]

Dig deep.
Water, green, cut.
Set on fire.
Neurotransmitters: saturated.
Breath out.
Bass, drum kick, smoke.
Voice, guitar, clarity.
Again from the beginning.


26 February 2018

[News] Secret Theory debut presentation [10.Mar.'18] w/ Spitback @Stage,Larissa

Secret Theory debut presentation, stage larissa, with Spitback
After many solid attempts, various colours (including red), numbers which kept coming up, theory bands who “shared” our band name inspiration finally the name was given….. Secret Theory!

21 February 2018

[Quick Fixes] Skiska Skooper - Pink Harlot

Skiska Skooper - Pink Harlot
On 6th of February 2018, the Belgian noise rock trio "Skiska Skooper" released a brand new single under the title "Pink Harlot". This single comes exactly one year after their first 4-track demo-tape and it shows pretty clearly the "sonic direction" that they chose to follow.

16 February 2018

[Suggestion] ΜΕΝΟΣ - Ανάμεσα (MENOS-Anamesa)

ΜΕΝΟΣ-Ανάμεσα (MENOS-Anamesa)
 - Artist: ΜΕΝΟΣ (MENOS)

 - Release title: Ανάμεσα (Anamesa)

 - Type of Release: debut album

 - Band Origin: GREECE, Thessaloniki
 - Genre: punk, hardcore, metal, socio-political

 - Release Date: 16 February 2018

10 February 2018

Greek Underground 2017 [-part 2-]

Greek Underground 2017 [-part 2-]
2017 was another quite productive year for the heavy underground allover the world and for the Greek Underground scene as well.

In an attempt to write down the releases of the Greek heavy underground that occupied our playlists the most during 2017 we came up with a pretty big list.

08 February 2018

[Videotheque] Kemerov - Plague of Nations

Kemerov - Plague of Nations
A few days ago, KEMEROV, the death'n'rollers from Greece gave in public their first ever videoclip for their song Plague of Nations.

Watch it below!

Here is the band's announcement:

[Suggestion] The Dead Dranks - The Dead Dranks

The Dead Dranks - The Dead Dranks
- Artist: The Dead Dranks

 - Release title: The Dead Dranks

 - Type of Release: debut album

 - Band Origin: GREECE, Athens
 - Genre: garage punk

 - Release Date: 26 November 2016

05 February 2018

[Videotheque] Hound the Wolves - If Lost in Mind

Hound the Wolves - If Lost iin Mind
Portland, Oregon's Hound the Wolves is thrilled to announce the release of their first song and video “If Lost in Mind,”. The song is the leading track off their debut album Camera Obscura, dropping on February 14.

[News] Fuel Eater release two singles of their upcoming album 'Soberian Kinship'

Fuel Eater - Soberian Kinship
“Apathetic Whistle” and “Our Soberian Kinship” are the names of the two first songs released by Patras,[GR] residing band, Fuel Eater, from their sophomore album which is to be released on Thursday 8th February 2018.

03 February 2018

[Interview] Los Importantes de la Noche [MEX]

Los Importantes de la Noche
A few months ago, here in Downtuned we were introduced to the music of a Mexican band with the name "Los Importantes de la Noche". Being retro, psychedelic and with a particular and distinctive style we found their music to be quite interesting. The band was kind enough to send us all the music they've released so far (2 EPs & 1 single).

29 January 2018

[News] 'Out of the Earth' announce crowd-funding campaign

Out of the Earth
Out of the Earth is heavy rock band from Lamia, Greece. In August 2015 they released their s/t debut album  and now they are ready for their second full release in vinyl.

For that purpose they launched a crowd-funding campaign through indiegogo in order to raise the required money for their second album's expanses (recordings, mix,mastering, merch).

26 January 2018

[Videotheque] Birthday Kicks - Rid of It

Birthday Kicks gave into publicity through their official youtube channel, a brand new video for their previously unreleased song "Rid of It". Watch it below and scroll to the bottom for some more info about the video.

24 January 2018

[Suggestion] Thole - Thole EP

Thole - Thole EP
- Artist: Thole

 - Release title: Thole EP

 - Type of Release: debut EP

 - Band Origin: GREECE, Athens
 - Genre: doom, sludge

 - Release Date: 27 December 2017

16 January 2018

Greek Underground 2017 [-part 1-]

Greek Underground 2017 [-part 1-] Downtuned Magazine
2017 was another quite productive year for the heavy underground allover the world and for the Greek Underground scene as well.

In an attempt to write down the releases of the Greek heavy underground that occupied our playlists the most during 2017 we came up with a pretty big list.

[News] Morphine Social Club & Six Steps Above The Earth live 25.Jan.'18

Morphine Social Club & Six Steps Above The Earth live 25.Jan.'18
Morphine Social Club is a quartet founded in Thessaloniki in 2015, playing their monolithic rock'n'roll, ever since, with psychedelic filings and fuzzy noise. They have issued two EP's, "Radioactive" in 2015 and "Monolithic Gospel" in 2017.

[Suggestion] The Rosewood Brothers - Soul Blossom

The Rosewood Brothers - Soul Blossom
"Soul Blossom", the firs full release by The Rosewood Brothers which was released a month before the the end of 2017. We've been waiting for this album for quite a long time, since the band had only released two EPs, one in 2011 and another one in 2012.

14 January 2018

[Videotheque] 78N - ΚΑΗΚΕ

78N were formed in April 2013. The starting point of the band are the poems of Aggelos Euthimiadis (in Greek language), their music is based on minimal guitar riffs and atmospheric soundtrack music such as indie, pop, jazz and ethnic.The vocals extend from story telling to spoken word.

[News] Fuel Eater's 'Soberian Kinship' coming out this February.

Soberian Kinship’ is Fuel Eater’s second full length album that is going to be released next month. Two years after their debut "Centralia" the band finally revealed the first details of their upcoming album.
'Soberian Kinship' is expected to be released in early February and it will contain eight tracks.

11 January 2018

[News] Landskap announced disbanding

Landskap from the UK have just announced that the band reached its natural end. After three really great full albums the and decided to put an end to this journey.
From our side we want to thank them for the great "ride" and the great music they shared with us. We wish to all the Landskap band members the best for their future in their current bands and projects.

10 January 2018

[News] KEMEROV 'FMKD' vinyl release shows

KEMEROV 'FMKD' vinyl release shows
Two weeks before the end of 2017 KEMEROV released in vinyl their debut album FMKD, which was already available in digital format since January 2017 (review here).
In order to celebrate their vinyl they also released digitally two covers on Type O Negative and Entombed songs (listen here).

06 January 2018

[Suggestion] Michael Guratza - Songs That Speak The Truth

Michael Guratza - Songs That Speak The Truth
 - Artist: Michael Guratza
 (hint: Michael Guratza is also the guitarist/singer of Bat Signal.)
 - Release title: Songs the speak the truth

 - Type of Release: full album,

 - Band Origin: GREECE, Thessaloniki
 - Genre: accoustic, alternative

 - Release Date: 2 January 2018

03 January 2018

[Review] Possessor - The Ripper

Possessor - The Ripper
Possessor are a London based thrash trio. We’ve already enjoyed their first full-length release in 2016 “Dead by Dawn”. Fuzz and thrash couldn’t have worked better together and our expectations were very high. We were more than thrilled when we first heard their second release. “The Ripper” gets as thrash and sludgy as it could be.

02 January 2018

[News] TUBER live in Cyprus 4.Jan.2018

TUBER announced their first ever live gig in Cyprus!  
The instrumental quartet from Greece will be playing at DownTown Nicosia on Thursday 4 January 2018, in a single gig organized by Undersound.

31 December 2017

[Compilation] Groovy Molecules

[Compilation] Groovy Molecules
Downtuned Magazine offers you the last compilation for 2017!

Groovy Molecules is a selection of 29 blues-rock tracks that are going to be the perfect soundtrack for any drinking occasion.

Click play on the mixcloud link below and enjoy! Leave a comment if you want, we always want to hear your opinion.

Groovy Molecules
"Electric blues and ethanol fuels..."

30 December 2017

[Quick Fixes] Enhailer - Dumb Enough to Care

Enhailer - Dumb Enough to Care
This single-track EP is for sure one of the heaviest and darkest things I've listened during the last month and it's most probably among the heaviest and most interesting releases for 2017.
Having been released on 11th December (Blackseed Records) it won a place in my playlist from the first listen and remains constantly among the tracks that I really enjoy listening with the volume quite a bit higher than usual.
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