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25 February 2017

[Interview] Down with Friend Of Gods

Friend Of Gods is 3-member band from Athens, Greece. They like weird harmonies and melodies, uncomfortable rhythm patterns and mixing everything together, to create something unique. We had a little chat with them and we offer you this interview.

24 February 2017

[Interview] Stratus Nimbus [USA]

Stratus nimbus cover art
We had the chance to chat with the 'Dowd brothers', Dan and Doug, the two brothers who formed the band "Stratus Nimbus" and released their debut album a few months ago. Here's our little interview:

22 February 2017

[Interview] Dendrites [GR]

Dendrites band photo
Just a few days before their live appearance alongside Nightstalker in Lefkada (25 February 2017) we had the chance to talk with "Dendrites"
So we present you this interview....

21 February 2017

[News] Weedwolf, Dysnerved, Creshna, Kemerov 25Feb@Biologica

Weedwolf, Dysnerved, Creshna, Kemerov 25Feb@Biologica

Where: Biologica (Salonica, GR)
When: 25 February 2017 / starts at 23:00

FREE Entrance
(Economical support is optional but necessary)

WEEDOLF  (Sludge Punk, Leipzig/DE)
DYSNERVED  (Post Death Metal, Salonica/GR)
CRESHNA  (Post Metal, Serres/GR)
KEMEROV  (Death'n'Roll, Serres/GR)

[News] Anal Veritas “Happy Estella” release show

Anal Veritas - Happy Estella

Where: Anclub (Athens, GR)
When: Friday 24 February @ 21:00
Support acts:
Yellow Devil Sauce & Chronoboros

Anal Veritas are back after a short break and some changes in their line-up. “Happy Estella” is their second full length work since “Project: T.V. Junkies”. The new release will be presented @ AN Club / Friday 24th February along with Yellow Devil Sauce and Chronoboros. “Happy Estella” is about to be released in vinyl. The artwork is made by Manster Design. Scroll down this page to listen two available tracks or follow the youtube link to listen to all of them.

Back in 2014 we had the chance to chat with Anal Veritas. And here is the interview from back then.

Anal Veritas: youtube  |  Bandcamp  | facebook
Chronoboros: bandcamp  |  facebook 
Yellow Devil Sauce  bandcamp  | facebook

Anal Veritas - Happy Estella release live An club

20 February 2017

[Wood & Voltage] Η Ιστορία της Ηλεκτρικής Κιθάρας (Μέρος 2ο)

Η Ιστορία της ηλεκτρικής Κιθάρας (Μέρος 2ο)
Σήκω ψυχή μου δώσε ρεύμα, βάλε στα όργανα φωτιά...

2nd world war soldiers with guitarsΣτο προηγούμενο μέρος, είδαμε τις εξελίξεις από τις αρχές του 20ου αιώνα, ως τα τέλη της δεκαετίας του 1930, με την δημιουργία των μαγνητικών κεφαλών Charlie Christian. Σε αυτό το δεύτερο μέρος, θα δούμε το κλείσιμο της δεκαετίας καθώς και την επόμενη, του 1940. Τη δεκαετία η οποία συμπεριλαμβάνει τα χρόνια όπου κάθε εξέλιξη της ανθρωπότητας, πλην της στρατιωτικής τεχνολογίας θα παγώσει. Αλλά με το τέλος του πολέμου, η όρεξη για δημιουργία και ζωή θα καλύψει το κενό με ανάπτυξη νέων τεχνολογιών και νέων εφευρέσεων.

19 February 2017

[Review] Kemerov - FMKD

Kemerov - FMKD cover art
Kemerov are a fresh mix of punk, death and rock 'n' roll, from Serres, Greece. After lots of work, they released their first full length album entitled "FMKD" (FMKD stands for Feed, Mate, Kill, Die). Previously, in November 2015, they released a four-track EP which leveled up our expectations for their full-length work. We are very happy to announce that our expectations have been fulfilled.  We’ve already been introduced to "Vault Relics", the new label in the Greek underground music scene, which also released "FMKD" in 31 January 2017. A few days later, Kemerov appeared alongside with Sodom in Thessaloniki.
"FMKD" is consisted of 11 (!) heavy tracks, inspired from Turbonegro and Entombed, to Cathedral and Bolt Thrower. In general, the album gets better after every hearing. On every track we get our death ‘n’ roll kicks.
For starts, the great thing about "FMKD" in total is the professional approach of Kemerov's work. The cover is greatly designed, the production is clear, for loud hearings. So, you get a lot into Kemerov’s approach before and while listening to the album. The starting track is "New Order" and it’s a great introduction with chaos and lots of punk aesthetic. "TV-Bred" and "Docile Sheep" are both great songs and you get a great Turbonegro feeling in guitar riffs and solos.You can also hear the same death-glam blast from the drums coming out right to your ears. Kemerov live photo by Lampros Flioukas
The album continues with lots of sleazy punk in the already known "Slay your son" (the most poetic title of all tracks) and "Species" which reminds us a lot of death and doom metal blasts. There is an old-school touch in the album in general which we get to love a lot. Vocals get more brutal in "Plague of Nations" accompanied with heavy riffs and a gloomy playing like the debut days of Cathedral. "Better Man" reminds us those edgy guitar solos we listened to the first songs and maybe it’s the most "professional" track of the album. In fact "Better Man" is a cover to a song that was originally released back in 2001 by "Sicks Daze" (album: Six Days), one of the singer’s former bands.  "Murdered in the Steppe" continues to the same style. Right after, we get into the more laid-back and doomy "Gargoyle Keep" together with the chaotic "Sane". In the end, "FMKD" makes a punkish death 'n' roll closure to mark the sound of Kemerov, just like in the beginning. The tracks are sequenced in the best possible order and almost all of them have lyrics with social and political subjects, full with the energy of (our) inner devastation.
Kemerov photo by Kostas Vlachopoulos

The bands coming from the Greek underground scene the last years, in a great percentage appear to have a common impact to the listener; once you listen to them next thing you know is you just want to watch them in a live gig to enjoy them in the fullest. It is just as if many bands are into the rock 'n' roll culture and they're created for live shows and fun. This is what it feels like to listen to bands like "Kemerov". FMKD is both a serious and fun album to listen to, possibly one of the best releases that we'll get to listen in 2017.

by Gaia

  bandcamp  |  facebook  |  twitter  |  email

(photo credits: live photo by Lampros Flioukas  |  band photo by Kostas Vlachopoulos)
more Info and Biography
Kemerov are from Serres, Greece and they are the brainchild of two guys (Matt & Giorgos) that grew up with ‘90s old-school deathmetal and Black Sabbath beliefs, but they could never really choose between the metal sound and the rock 'n' roll feeling. Giving in to these schizophrenical tendencies, and inspired by bands like Entombed, Cathedral and Turbonegro (among others), they decided to put everything in the mix. They started off in 2013 with guitar, voice and occasionally bass and drums, as finding skilled and reliable musicians is not the easiest thing, especially in a small Greek city. They didn’t give up though, they kept writing music and rehearsing with the help of temporary drummers and bass players. In the autumn of 2014, Tasos joined the band in drums and, some months later, his brother Spiros took on the bass duties. This was the first ever full Kemerov line-up which still lasts to this day. From then on, everything took its course. Kemerov self-released their self-titled 4-track EP in November 2015, which received positive reviews from allover the world. They didn’t stop there; they never missed an opportunity to play live, and so far they have supported historic bands like Rotting Christ, Septicflesh and Jucifer with great success. Kemerov released their debut full-length album "FMKD" in 31 January 2017 (label: Vault Relics), just before their live appearance alongside thrash-metal legends Sodom in Thessaloniki.

Matt Karampalios – voice
Giorgos Tsapkinis – guitar
Spiros Diamantidis – bass
Tasos Diamantidis – drums 

all songs written by Kemerov
except "The Better Man" written and originally performed by Sicks Daze

produced by   Kemerov & Emmanouil Hermano Tselepis
recorded in   September-November 2016
drums recorded at   Flow Recordings studio by Paris Fragkos
guitars recorded at   Galdemi studio by Giorgos Tsapkinis
bass & vocals recorded at   Steve's studio by Steve
backing vocals by   Zangief & Shotiraqe Eightysix
mixed & mastered by   Emmanouil Hermano Tselepis
original artwork by   Kotsifas Blackbird

18 February 2017

[News] 'WHERESWILDER' new album update

Whereswilder - Hotshot (cover art)
A little bit more than two years have passed since the release of their debut album "Yearling" (by six d.o.g.s records)

Back then, with the occasion of 'Fuzztastic Planet Festival' 2015,  we had the chance to speak with the band and have a small interview (in Greek) that was published here.

Now, "Whereswilder" announce the release of their second full album that will hopefully be ready in about a month from now. 

The band published the cover art of their upcoming album. It's a creation by Nikos Tsounakas.


17 February 2017

[News] Deaf Radio 'ALARM' LP presentation (w/ Devamp Javu)

deaf radio alarm
Where: six d.o.g.s (Athens, GR)
When: Saturday 18 February @21:00
Ticket: 5€
Support Act: Devamp Javu

About a month ago 'Deaf Radio' released their debut album entitled "ALARM".

Click this link to read a review about 'ALARM' in our magazine.

The time for the live presentation of their album has come.

Saturday 18 February @ six d.o.g.s

'Devamp Javu' will be opening the gig.

Deaf Radio band photo

16 February 2017

[News] Nightstalker - European Tour 2017

Nightstalker European tour 2017 poster
Nightstalker - European Tour 2017

It’s the original superfreaks Nightstalker - louder than ever!

Who can say enough about Nightstalker...
The three decades on heavy rock duty, the countless hours on stage, as well as the worldwide praise and respect speak for themselves. [you can still read a brief bio on the bottom of this post ;-) ]

With last-year’s nifty “As Above, So Below” in their luggage, the legendary Greek four-piece will bring its smoked up ter-RIFF-ic grooves to no less that 12 countries across Europe, in a massive tour organised by Total Volume.

Starting 25th March and ending 5th May the tour contains 23 live appearances.

Check the dates, find a town near you, grab a beer and come say high!

25/3 - Manchester (UK)  @Riffolution Festival
01/4 - Sofia (BG)  @Live N Loud
02/4 - Bucharest (RO)  @Quantic
05/4 - Cluj (RO)  @The Shelter
06/4 - Timisoara (RO)  @Daos Club
07/4 - Novi Sad (RS)  @The Quarter
08/4 - Graz (AT)  @Club Wakuum
10/4 - Vienna (AT)  @Das Bach
12/4 - Regensburg (DE)  @Alte Mazerei
13/4 - Berlin (DE)  @Wild At Heart
15/4 - Copenhagen (DK)  @Beta2300
19/4 - Cologne (DE)  @Limes
20/4 - Arnhem (NL)  @Willemeen
21/4 - Oldenburg (DE)  @Cadillac
22/4 - Munster (DE)  @Rare Guitar
25/4 - Paris (FR)  @Le Batofar
26/4 - Lucerne (CH)  @Bruch Brothers
28/4 - Linz (AT)  @Ann And Pat
29/4 - Frankfurt (DE)  @Yachtklub
30/4 - Esslingen (DE)  @Hell Over Esslingen Festival
01/5 - Erba (IT)  @Centrale Rock
03/5 - Zagreb (HR)  @Vintage Industrial Bar
06/5 - Bucharest (RO)  @Soundart Festival

A brief biography of Nightstalker

Nightstalker’s history starts from the early 90’s, when they contributed to the revival of 70’s style rock, together with bands like Kyuss, Sleep and Monster Magnet and they have earned a reputation due to their pure Rock ‘n Roll attitude and their constant live activity, and been lauded with the highest praise and respect since their beginning (5 full length albums and two EP’s, co-operation with heavyr rock US labels like Meteorcity and Small Stone, tours and festivals around Europe).
Heavy sound, groovy rhythms, intense bass playing. All together with a lot of catchy melodies and the power of Argy’s vocals are the secret of the music of Nightstalker. Raw rock ‘n roll simplicity, stunning riffs and electric haze are what have kept the band going for more than 20 years.

The whole concept was realized by the singer (and drummer at that time), Argy, who was the founding member of the band. Together with Andreas (ex Rotting Christ member), who joined in 1992, managed to combine their heavy rock influences with funky rhythms and grunge melodies. With all these elements they released the first EP called ‘SideFx’ in 1994. With the second, but first full length album ‘USE’ (1996), the band established their rich songwriting, the heavy sound that has been their trademark to this day. After a ‘dark era’ with member changes but also an EP release ("The Ritual", 2000), which was the deepest, darkest album they made back then, the band managed to gain wider recognition and a new strong fan-base with the release of the album ‘Just A Burn’ (2004). In 2009 the band released the ‘Superfreak’ album through the US ‘historic’ label ‘Meteorcity’. The next elease "Dead Rock Commandos" (2012) came out through ‘Small Stone Records’ and established the band’s name in bigger worldwide audience.

In October of 2016 Nightstalker released their 5th  full length album ‘As Above, So Below’, and as of now they are already touring Greece, looking forward to tour heavily through Europe later in 2017.

12 February 2017

'Abell 35-', Greek releases review (+compilation)

Abell 3565, Abell 3574 and Abell 3521 are three of the most massive galaxy clusters of 'Laniakea Galaxy Supercluster'.

'Abell 35-' is a selection of releases from the Greek heavy underground scene with a duration of less than 35 minutes each. All of them were released during 2016, either on physical or digital form.
These releases occupied my player's list a lot more than others, so I took the opportunity to present them to you in brief.

They aren't in any kind of order.

At the bottom of the page you will find a mixcloud compilation made out of these releases.

Dəem - _

 Dəem - _
The guitarist and the drummer of 'Darnakes' left Greece and they are currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. There, they created a new project with the name 'Dəem' and created this experimental, psych-folk album using bouzouki, bass and drums. A very special release, highly recommended for everyone that likes folk experimentation projects.

Screaming dEAD Balloons / Birthday Kicks - Tonight at Vault Relics (7” split)
Screaming dEAD Balloons / Birthday Kicks - Tonight at Vault Relics (7” split)
'Birthday Kicks' and 'Screaming dEAD Balloons' are both from the city of Larisa. They joined their forces under the label of Vault Relics and released a very nice split EP. Birthday Kicks did a garage style cover on the Ramones song "She talks to Rainbows" and Screaming dEAD Balloons offered a two-minute-psych-garage dynamite under the title "Last minute hero". A very very decent split that you can never have enough of it due to it's small total duration.

The Curf - Royal Water

The Curf - Royal Water
After a long hiatus and nine years after their first release 'The Curf' come back from the dead with this 4-track EP to shake the (royal) waters of the Greek heavy underground scene. A psych-doom release, slow, solid and heavy enough to wake your darkest instincts. Recommended to anyone that loves a classic doom touch.

Instant Boner - Outburst
Instant Boner - Outburst
Two years after their first EP, Instant Boner came back with "Outburst" to show us how they evolved their sound and musical attitude. With the sax now permanent in their compositions, 'Outburst' is very nice mixture of 70's rock, blues, funk along with heavy riffs, distorted guitars that tend almost to metal in sudden 'outbursts', with the raspy vocals being one of their strong spots.
(p.s.: the last track is a cover of J.Hendrix's "Foxy Lady")

KALPA - Dissociation
In this album KALPA presented a different version of themselves. Vocals were added and the music became more harsh, a mixture, probably of most of the influences that the band members have, creating a distinctively particular result. Musical styles defined years ago are thrown into the blender to create one 'thing' that could redefine them in the present.
(p.s. band's message on the back side of the album: "Kalpa strongly stand against nazism/fascism, racism, sexism, homophobia, state/police violence and any kind of damage imposed from one human to another.") \m/

Blind Them With Science - This is not scientifically proven, Donald​.​.​.

Blind Them With Science - This is not scientifically proven, Donald​.​.​.
Featuring members from "Fuzzy Nerds" and "Their Methlab", 'Blind Them With Science' recorded this 4-track release in a one session-live studio recording, the 3rd of October 2015 at Yellowstone Studios, Ioannina, Greece.  This mini-album is a pretty special piece of experimental, post-rock music with a cinematic feeling in most of its length.

 Movement Of Static - Novelty Seekers
Counting almost 4 years since they begun their composition efforts, 'Movement of Static' gave us their first release last October, a 4-track EP.
'Novelty Seekers' is an instrumental post-rock EP that in many cases 'reaches out to touch' post-metal. After listening to 'Novelty Seekers' for several times I started to think of it not as a 4-track EP but as a 4-part journey.
Highly recommended.

The Dandelion Fields / Six Steps Above The Earth -  In A State Of Hallucination
Featuring members from Allochiria, Vygotsky Circle, Afformance, Bella Fuzz, Lazy Aftershow και Mother Turtle this 'project' was released in a split cassette (limited to 50 copies) and it is a unique piece of dark, acoustic, drone, post-rock. The title reflects their point of view for the world today and the lyrics describe in a 'dark' way some thoughts about today's reality and problems of society.

Living Under Drones - Living Under Drones
Another very nice post-rock release coming from the city of Ioannina. Living Under Drones were formed in a basement in Ioannina during the autumn of 2014 and this is their first release. I think that best way to describe their music is what they have written about themselves:
"The band is attached to an instrumental basis, balancing between compulsive melodies and experimentation with violent layers of noise."


Mixcloud Compilation



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