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20 September 2017

[News] Down Tuned Daze VI - 30/09/17 @Crete[GR]

Down Tuned Daze VI Poster
The Musical Collective "Vomvos" from Heraklion, Crete presents the sixth DOWN TUNED DAZE festival! As always, heavy and down tuned bands are in this years line-up. Some of the heaviest bands from the Greek underground scene are going to present (all of them) brand new material.

09 September 2017

[Supa Scoopa and the Mighty Noob] Babel Trio

Babel Trio - Roots Electrified
Hailing from Crete, Greece, 'Babel Trio' play an interesting mix of folk, heavy rock with progressive and psychedelic elements.

In the band's exact, own words:
"Babel Trio are creating a progressive folk rock, psychedelic music code, rooted in the island of Crete and the Aegean sea.

05 September 2017

[News] DEAF RADIO autumn tour 2017

DEAF RADIO Alarm tour 2017
DEAF RADIO have announced the complete schedule of their ALARM TOUR for this autumn. Deaf Radio last January released their debut album 'Alarm' which was a real dynamite!

In order to promote 'Alarm' they played a number of gigs during 2017 and now they are getting outside the borders of Greece.

02 September 2017

[News] 45RATS new album 'GAZER'

45RATS - Gazer
Great news!!
It's been 4 years after their previous release "Electric" and a few days ago 45RATS announced that their brand new album entitled "GAZER" will be released this September by Fuzz Ink.

27 August 2017

Six Steps Above The Earth & Ghone (full live show)

On May 21, 2017 'Six Steps Above The Earth' played a live show with 'Ghone' in their hometown, Thessaloniki. They have been planning this playlist for some time before playing so this was a special occasion. Now this show is available online for you to watch it.

10 August 2017

[News] Emerald Haze Festival (Dublin 1&2 Sept.)

Emerald Haze Dublin
A newly appearing festival is going to take place for the first time in Dublin, Ireland this September.

08 August 2017

[Supa Scoopa and the Mighty Noob] Tarifes Nomades

Tarifes Nomades - Subrealistic Jell-oh
"Supa Scoopa and the Mighty Noob" is a new section of Downtuned Magazine which will periodically present a new band that in our opinion is worth checking out.

The first 'Supa Scoopa and the Mighty Noob' entry is about "TARIFES NOMADES"

05 August 2017

[News] Day of Scattering vol.3 [19/8/2017]

Day of Scattering vol.3 [19/8/2017]
"DAY OF SCATTERING vol.3" - A DIY concert.

- Solidarity and financial aid to ΗΡΙΑΝΝΑ Β.Λ. -

There will also be an exhibition of various historical (printed) material, fanzines and magazines by "We Don't Fight It" Distro. 

01 August 2017

[News] Cyanna Mercury summer tour 2017

Cyanna Mercury summer dates 2017
Cyanna Mercury in 2016 released their debut album "ARCHETYPES" which is one of the most remarkable albums of that year for the local scene of Greece (and not only).
Recently they announced the dates of their 2017 summer tour.

29 July 2017

[News] KEMEROV in search of a new Guitarist

 'KEMEROV', the death'n'rollers from Serres have recently announced that they are in search of a new guitarist

At the moment, KEMEROV are running a crowdfunding campaign that ends on the first week of August, to raise the necessary funds for a vinyl release for their debut album 'FMKD'.

27 July 2017

[News] 8th River of Souls Festival

8th River of Souls Festival, Acheron
The 8th River of Souls Festival is a reality!

In one of the most beautiful places of Western Greece, in Epirus, in the banks of river Acheron near its springs ('Gliki' area).
 A night of rock'n'roll and rockabilly that you don't want to miss!

24 July 2017

[News] 6th Los Almiros Festival (2017)

6th Los Almiros Festival posterFor 6th consecutive year Los Almiros Festival is here with a tasty line-up.
more info:

21 July 2017

[Quick Fixes] Sküma - Sküma

Sküma - Sküma
Sküma is a 5-piece band from Heraklion, Crete [GR]. Recently they made a live recording session which is also their first ever release and it's available for free through their bandcamp page.
The live recording took place last April at Groove Studios and it was released on their bandcamp page on July 11.

13 July 2017

[News] ZERO Festival Vol.4

ZERO festival 2017
ZERO Festival has established itself as one of the most important 2-day fests of the last years in the Greek west coast
The sure thing is that is being held in one of the most beautiful places of western Greece, the "Ziros Lake".

For this year, the 4th ZERO Festival has already been scheduled for August and the line-up has been announced.

10 July 2017

[News] NAXATRAS European tour 2017

NAXATRAS European tour 2017
NAXATRAS from Greece have just announced their European Tour for this autumn, organized by Total Volume.

36 days on the road, 30 live gigs, 12 different countries... sounds great doesn't it?

With 3 releases (2 full albums and 1 EP) already in their 'roster' and a third album currently 'under construction'

06 July 2017

[News] Hidden In the Basement tour 2017

Hidden In the Basement tour 2017
HIDDEN IN THE BASEMENT from Larisa, Greece are hitting the road this summer! They will be touring Eastern Europe on the second half of July to promote their latest release "Behind the Shadow".

05 July 2017

[News] Pre/Post Festival Vol.7

PRE/POST Festival Vol.7 [2017]
'PRE/POST' Festival Vol.7
For 7th consecutive year the PRE/POST will take place in Preveza, Greece.  Featuring some of the 'hottest' bands at the moment and some of the most promising bands of the Greek Heavy Underground.

27 June 2017

[News] Wrong Fest 2017 city edition [Sofia, BG]

Wrong Fest 2017 city edition.  [Sofia, Bulgaria], orange goblin, smallman, vrani volosa, deville
WRONG FEST City Edition is going to be held on July 1, Saturday in the Central Park of Sofia, Bulgaria at club ‘Maimunarnika’.

Headliners for the fest are the British ORANGE GOBLIN nominated for

[News] The KIO FEST Vol.3 [ARTA]

For the 3rd consecutive year the KIO FEST is here!
 > When: Saturday 1 July, 8:00pm <
> Where: ORFEAS open air cinema, ARTA <
> Tickets: €6 <

16 June 2017

[News] Purple Dino 2nd album recordings announced

Purple Dino just announced that are getting in the studio on July to record their sophomore album!

Three years after their debut 'Jurassic Bar' and after some changes in their line-up, including a new singer, they are ready to rock again and we are ready to headbang on their new tunes.

15 June 2017

[Review] Green Yeti - Desert Show

Green Yeti - Desert Show
The Yeti landed for the first time on earth on February 2016 [debut review here, (in Greek)] and marched, stamping the ground with its heavy footsteps for about 14 months.
Somewhere along the road the Yeti decided to take a turn and follow the paths towards the desert. Nobody

14 June 2017

[News] KEMEROV - 'FMKD' crowdfunding campaign

Kemerov - FMKD indiegogo campaign (vinyl)
Last January 'KEMEROV' released their debut full length album 'FMKD' on CD (review here)

A few days ago the band announced a crowdfunding campaign through 'indiegogo' in order to raise the required funds to release 'FMKD' on vinyl.

09 June 2017

[Videotheque] Movement Of Static - Telomeres

Movement Of Static - Novelty Seekers
'Movement Of Static' gave into publicity their first ever video for their track "Telomeres" (from the EP 'Novelty Seekers'). Watch it below!

Concept & animation by Dimitra Mitsaki. 
 Video production by @FLP Athens .

02 June 2017

[Compilation] A call to Instruments Vol.2

[Compilation] A call to Instruments Vol.2 (Aza records)
"This is a call to instruments, this is Aza Records, a collective of independent bands from your neighborhood".

[ A Call To Instruments Vol.2 ]
The second compilation by Aza Records  is available for free download through bandcamp.

27 May 2017

[Compilation] Recursive Olethros Vol.1 [GR 2017]

'Recursive Olethros' is a compilation of tracks picked from the Greek Underground 2017 releases (January to May).
In particular, Volume 1 is dedicated to the more heavy releases (sludge, post-metal, doom, noise, crust) and it features some of the most important and surely promising bands of the Greek Underground at the moment.

[News] Hi Malaya, The Rule of Three, Mitič Threesome LIVE 1June'17

Hi Malaya, The Rule of Three, Mitič Threesome LIVE Matsaggou
When:    Thursday 1 June 2017  9:00pm
Where:   Matsaggou Squat, Volos

24 May 2017

[Band Visit] Black Space Riders [DE]

Black Space Riders
Black Space Riders announced that are entering the studio in mid-July 2017 to record their new album.

the band's announcement (23 May 2017):
BLACK SPACE RIDERS will enter the studio in mid-July to record new material. The thematic journey and musical cycle that covered our last album Refugeeum and the subsequent Beyond Refugeeum EP has been completed.

23 May 2017

[Quick Fixes] Dö - Astral Death/Birth (EP)

Dö - Astral Death/Birth (EP)
One year after their full album "Tuho" ('Destruction' in Finnish) Dö are coming back on 26th May with a brand new EP release. The band was kind enough to send us the EP some days ago and also allowed us to play their tracks on Downtuned Radio before the official release

[Band Visit] Spine Chilling Breeze [GR]

Spine Chilling Breeze
Spine Chilling Breeze is a Heavy Rock band, based in Thessaloniki, Greece and they were formed around 2010-11 by Achilleas (guitar) and Stavros (bass).
Sounding noisy and aggressive, they mix modern riffs, with a vintage feeling and always heavy!