02 October 2018

[Quick Fixes] Instant Boner - Misfits

Instant Boner - Misfits
The last several months we've been waiting for Instant Boner to release new material with their brand new female-vocalist and finally the time has come!

We already knew that this was going to be a single release but it's better than nothing ;-) and hopefully it is the precursor of a full album...

19 September 2018

[News] From the farm to your ears Vol. II | Sadhus, No Fake Bone, Kicking Nerve [22Sept.'18]

From the farm to your ears Vol. II | Sadhus, No Fake Bone, Kicking Nerve [22Sept.'18]
Baladesert and friends are saying 'goodbye' to the summer for  second consecutive year through their 2nd Farm Festival, with the appropriate, underground way in 'Boubie's Ranch'... 

Grilled meat delicacies, beer, rehearsals, live, jam, events and happenings.

- Saturday 22 September 2018 -

14 September 2018

[Quick Fixes] Six Steps Above The Earth - Step 4

Six Steps Above The Earth - Step 4
Step 4 is a lonely step... It fulfills the need for a more monotonous and noizy expression externalized with the slow tempo and the heavy sound which after alla are the basic characteristics of the band.

"Post_Black_Punk is the the spiritual leader that keeps as alive in this chaotic daily routine."

12 September 2018

Dendrites & Turbocharger live @ Silver Dollar [Sat.15.Sept.'18]

Dendrites are soon going to release their second album. They have finished the recordings of their second release and the album is in the process of mixing.
Just before finishing the release they have scheduled a live appearance.

22 August 2018

'High On Fire' new single. Album and tour coming in autumn

High On Fire - Electric Messiah
The legendary High On Fire return with their new single 'Electric Messiah', the title track from their forthcoming album - out on 5th October via eOne.
(scroll to the bottom to listen to it)

Born from the ashes of their respective former bands, High On Fire are celebrating their 20th year.

Inspiring countless bands in their twenty years, High On Fire are riding high on a wave of thunder and tumult.

31 July 2018

[News] Instant Boner new single recordings

Instant Boner new single recordings
Instant Boner recently presented their new vocalist "Marianthi" through a lice appearance (read more and listen here).

Earlier today they also made an announcement that made our day.

They are in the process of recording a new single with their new vocalist and they have already finished with recording bass and drums at OTSE Music Studio.

21 July 2018

[Videotheque] Morphine Social Club - Chaos Lover

Morphine Social Club - Chaos
A year after their second EP release under the title 'Monolithic Gospel', Morphine Social Club came back with a zero-budget video for their track "Chaos Lover".

The band also stated that is rehearsing new material so we hope there is going to be a new release in the coming months.

12 July 2018

[News] Day of Scattering vol.4 [Sat.18.Aug.'18]

[News] Day of Scattering vol.4 [Saturday 18 August 2018]
"DAY OF SCATTERING vol.3" - A DIY concert.

When: Saturday 18 August 2018, 8:00pm
Where: St. George's Park, Trikala
 FREE ENTRANCE - financial support necessary

07 July 2018

[News] 9th River of Souls Festival [28.Jul.'18]

9th River of Souls Festival [28.Jul.'18]
The time has come for the 9th River of Souls festival!
Four bands will be rocking your Saturday night in the bank of Acheron River, the river of souls

When: - Saturday 28 July 2017 @ 8:30pm -
Where: Acheron River, Vouvopotamos

- see the exact location on the map -

*** F R E E   E N T R A N C E ***

04 July 2018

[Suggestion] Alien Mustangs - Alienation

Alien Mustangs - Alienation
Since the first time I listened to Alien Mustangs, back in 2013, I was waiting for a debut LP. Since then, I've managed to catch the band live and that really made me even more eager for that debut... but the band had different plans :P
Despite the fact that the debut was delaying, Alien Mustangs gave us some EP and tape releases to keep us warm until 2018.

And now... BOOM! The full album is here!

28 June 2018

[Suggestion] Spiralmaze - Dunes Of Dorlmeus

Spiralmaze - Dunes Of Dorlmeus
Spiralmaze were formed in Chania, Greece on January 2012 by two former members of Soundtrap, George Arestis (synths, guitar, programming) and Aris Terzakis (bass).

Eftihis Chelioudakis (drums) joined the band on August 2012 and John Mor (guitar) joined on March 2013.
The band’s compositions is a mix of space / progressive / psychedelic rock, dub, ambient and sampling.

[News] Pizza by Force festival [01.July'18]

Pizza by Force festival [01.July 2018]
---- Pizza By Force Festival ---
Sunday 1 July 2018
doors open @ 6:00pm
Place: PIZZA CRUST, Protogenous 13, Athens

Sunday afternoon, you eat Pizza By Force and you listen to the following 'morons' unfolding and presenting their 'artistic visions':

25 June 2018

[Videotheque] Instant Boner - Falling Stars (live 10/6/18)

[Videotheque] Instant Boner - Falling Stars (live 10/6/18)
Two weeks ago "Instant Boner" from Thessaloniki (GR) presented their brand new vocalist "Marianthi" on her first live appearance with the band @ Eighball club.

A recorded video from that night, for the their track "Falling Stars" is now available online for you to watch and listen to their new vocalist. Scroll below and click play.

We wish them to have a nice and productive collaboration and to soon release their new material on a full album.

21 June 2018

[News] Under the Sun Festival [30/6 & 1/7 @ Cariocas beach bar]

The first Under the Sun rock festival is here! 
Two days Under the hot summer sun with ten bands coming straight out of the Greek Heavy Underground:

Be there!

20 June 2018

[Compilation] California Luben Alles


This is another compilation for your listening pleasure coming from Just A Burn, from his show dedicated to California....
This was a show that aired back in 2012 but now the tracklist is available for you to listen. 

Tracklist and a mixcloud link to listen on-line can be found below...


02 June 2018

[Suggestion] Hi Malaya - ZZ and the Dictators

Hi Malaya - ZZ and the Dictators
As the band themselves state:
Hi Malaya is greek band based in Volos. It's a power trio (guitar, bass, drums), since 2015. Inspired by rock, surf, and mediterranean music.

Two years after their first demo release they are back with their debut album "ZZ and the Dictators". And it seems that those 2 years Hi Malaya have been working hard for this debut which is consisted of 9 instrumental tracks with a total duration of 54 minutes!

[News] Last Rizla on 'Rampant Hair Growth Tour' [June 2018]

[News] Last Rizla on 'Rampant Hair Growth Tour' [June 2018]
Last Rizla hit the road for their second tour this June and it's going to be massive, dirty, sweaty and extremely hairy!

Among others, they will be playing tracks from their upcoming release "Mount Machine". See the full schedule below:

Rampant Hair Growth Tour 2018

17 May 2018

[Compilation] A Call to Instruments Vol.4

[Compilation]  A Call to Instruments Vol.4
The 4th volume of the compilation series entitled "A Call To Instruments" was recently published on the official bandcamp page of Aza Records.
The compilation is consisted of 12 tracks from 12 bands that particiapte to Aza Records' collective and it is available for free downloading.

[News] Neptune's Desert - Cannibal (new song from the upcoming album)

Neptune's Desert - Cannibal, album: There will be blood
'Neptune's Desert' published the first track of their upcoming album "There will be blood".

The track's title is "Cannibal" and you can listen to it below.

11 May 2018

[Videotheque] Okwaho - God of Gold

[Videotheque] Okwaho - God of Gold
A few days ago (on 7th May'18) Okwaho published their first official video for the song "God of Gold" which was included in their self titled debut album (read review & info here) they recently released.

Watch the video below.
Lyrics are available at the bottom of this post.

The production of the video was made by "Sick my Duck.sound & vision"

10 May 2018

[News] Rollin' Dice & Stress Case Scenario live, Pyrgos 12.May'18

Rollin' Dice & Stress Case Scenario live in Pyrgos [Sat.12.May'18] deus ex musica bar
Rollin' Dice and Stress Case Scenario are joining forces for an explosive heavy-rock night in Pyrgos, this Saturday, 12th May.

Both bands will be 'carrying' their debuts with them, Stress Case Scenario their first EP "Too Late to Save US" (mini review here) and Rollin' Dice their first full album "Way to the Sun" (review here).

08 May 2018

[Videotheque] Arrakis - Evdokia (cover)

Arrakis - Evdokia (cover)Arrakis are reaching the 6th year of their existence and for decided to celebrate the occasion by making a live cover to the classic instrumental track "Evdokia" originally composed by Manos Loizos for the movie "Evdokia" (Alexis Damianos, 1971).
Watch the video below.

07 May 2018

[Suggestion] Cockblockers - Cockblockers

Cockblockers - s/t

Cockblockers hail from Kalamata, Greece. They were formed in the (very hot) summer of 2011.
Through trial and error, they came up with the lineup that would allow them to take the next step, record their debut album.

04 May 2018

[Videotheque] Last Rizla - Oporto

Last Rizla - Oporto
Last Rizla just offered us their brand new track "Oporto", along with its official video!!

The song will be part of the special release "Jazz on Bones", a double 7-inch split along with Friend of Gods, Rita Mosss and Sadhus (The Smoking Community).

Read below their announcement and watch the video.

[Videotheque] 4LT. - It's No Good (Depeche Mode cover)

4LT. - I'ts No Good (Depeche Mode cover)
A few days ago, 4LT. gave in public their brand new video for their cover on Depeche Mode's song "It's No Good".

Read below their announcement and watch the video.

30 April 2018

[Review] Ommadon - End Times

Ommadon - End Times
Droning doom, hulking riffs, summoning enough power to break The Titans free of their imprisonment from Tartarus, the deepest part of the Underworld. Each detonating chord capable of shuddering the Pearly Gates right off their hinges.

29 April 2018

[News] 4LT. & Downtown Association [Live 10/5.Thes & 11/5.Ath]

4LT. & Downtown Association live gigs (Thes.10/5 & Ath.11/5)
“4LT.” (Athens) and “Downtown Association” (Thessaloniki), join forces for a double live gig in Thessaloniki (Thu.10.May) and Athens (Fri.11.May). The explosive hard rock tunes of Downtown Association meets the melodic alternative heavy rock of 4LT for two gigs full of hard and heavy music, accompanied with special guests in each town.

25 April 2018

[News] 2 Headed Dogs & 45Rats Live [27.Apr.'18]

45Rats & 2 Headed Dogs Live [27.Apr.'18] Mo Better
Are you fed-up with seeing all around you the same stoner crap that's being produced in massive quantities lately?
Yes? Then this gig is probably the right one for you!

2 Headed Dogs and 45Rats are going to offer some tasty garage rock and instrumental rock'n'roll tunes for the pleasure of your ears.

18 April 2018

The Shrieks from Below Radioshow

The Shrieks from Below
----- What does it sound like? -----
Heavy music of all levels of depravity. Concentrating on new, mainly unsigned bands. (duration: ~1h)

----- When does it air? -----
8:00pm EET/EEST || 7:00pm CET || 6:00pm UK || 1:00pm EST/EDT

2:00am EET/EEST || 1:00am CET ||
that is: Wednesday 00:00 UK || Wednesday 7:00pm EST/EDT

[Suggestion] Six Steps Above the Earth - Step 3: A Study On Human Nature

Six Steps above the Earth is the creative vessel of two musicians that like to experiment with slow and heavy music. After two “small” steps it is time for the big one! Step 3 is their first attempt to create a full-length album with more instruments and more fellow travellers.

[News] Puta Volcano touring Europe w/ Purple Dino, & announce ''Harmony of Spheres'' 2nd vinyl pressing

Puta Volcano touring Europe w/ Purple Dino, & announce ''Harmony of Spheres'' 2nd vinyl pressing
After releasing their second full length album in April 2017, entitled "Harmony of Spheres", Puta Volcano are ready to tour for the first time outside of their country. Βy their side, Purple Dino, another upcoming hard-rock quartet from Greece, with their newly released album “And Now What?!”.

17 April 2018

[Quick Fixes] Named by the Sun - Deathcap (EP)

Named by the Sun - Deathcap (EP)
From the ashes of London's Landskap comes Named by the Sun. Blending blues attitude and heavy rock injected with a few doses of psychedelic mood the band's first recording is Deathcap, a 3-track instrumental EP featuring artwork by collage artist Dead Galaxy.


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