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23 May 2017

[Quick Fixes] Dö - Astral Death/Birth (EP)

Dö - Astral Death/Birth (EP)
One year after their full album "Tuho" ('Destruction' in Finnish) Dö are coming back on 26th May with a brand new EP release. The band was kind enough to send us the EP some days ago and also allowed us to play their tracks on Downtuned Radio before the official release

[Band Visit] Spine Chilling Breeze [GR]

Spine Chilling Breeze is a Heavy Rock band, based in Thessaloniki, Greece and they were formed around 2010-11 by Achilleas (guitar) and Stavros (bass).
Sounding noisy and aggressive, they mix modern riffs, with a vintage feeling and always heavy!

19 May 2017

[Videotheque] the Big Nose Attack - Under Your Spell (lyric video)

the Big Nose Attack just finished producing their brand new lyric video!

For this purpose they chose the track "Under Your Spell" from their previous album '69'.

The video is recommended
for fans of Pizza and Star Wars (?).

16 May 2017

[Band Visit] Kemerov [GR]

Kemerov (photo by Kostas Vlachopoulos)
Kemerov are from Serres, Greece.
They are the brainchild of two guys (Matt & Giorgos) that grew up with ‘90s old-school deathmetal and Black Sabbath beliefs, but they could never really choose between the metal sound and the rock 'n' roll feeling.

13 May 2017

[Quick Fixes] Last Rizla - KLS9532

Last Rizla - KLS9532
The last thing he remembered was the fall. But not the landing...
He woke-up totally numb laying on something that looked like a surgery bed. Blear lights were dazzling him and blurry shadows were moving around surrounding him.

08 May 2017

[Review] Anal Veritas - Happy Estella

Anal Veritas Happy Estella, 2017
Except 'Estella' we are also happy to see another release by Anal Veritas. It's a fact that this band actually functions and works in a very particular way, that is a slow one :-)
Although the beginning of "Anal Veritas" as a band dates back to 2002, lots of 'ransitions' took place until the band took its shape.

04 May 2017

[News] Six Steps Above the Earth & Ghone LIVE-21May'17

Six Steps Above the Earth & Ghone live, Ypogeio, Thessaloniki
'Aza Records' and 'Ypogeio'  are very happy to announce that on May 21, Ypogeio will open its doors for two great band-artists that will offer the people of Thessaloniki a very special experience.

28 April 2017

[Videotheque] Jaw Bones - Ego Tripper

Jaw Bones - Ego Tripper (official video)
'Jaw Bones' just announced their collaboration with Sliptrick Records which is going to release their long awaited album "Wrongs on a Right Turn" on 30th May.

To celebrate this collaboration they are presenting their first music video directed by Dimitris Vavatsis, for the song "Ego Tripper".

27 April 2017

[News] Bottom Fest 2017 20May'17.Volos

Bottom Fest 2017 Volos
--- BOTTOM Fest 2017 ---

When:   Saturday 20 May 2017 | 8:00pm
Where:  Volos' Polytechnic School

25 April 2017

[Videotheque] Hidden in the Basement - Dry well

Hidden in the Basement
Almost five years after their debut album "Ego" and after a long period of hiatus plus a lineup change, the heavy rockers/metallers "Hidden in the Basement" from Larisa [GR], released last December their brand new album "Behind the Shadow".

24 April 2017

[Review] HALF Gramme of SOMA - Groove is Black

HALF Gramme of SOMA - Groove is Black
Every band that starts with a nice debut album doesn't have by necessity similarly nice follow up releases. HALF Gramme of SOMA is not one of those bands.

I've been following the steps of HGoS since the beginning and back in 2013 I really adored their debut album which made me think that "this is a band that is going to make us talk about them in the future" (here is a review of their debut album).

19 April 2017

[News] Bongzilla European Tour | Sofia [BG] 13May'17

Bongzilla live Sofia Bulgaria
Bongzilla, starting on 20 April, are going to tour Europe. On Saturday 13 May they will be in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

[Quick Fixes] The Miskeys - Shadow (EP)

The Miskeys - Shadows
The Miskeys, is a music duo formed in Xanthi, Greece, in 2013 by Chris Naidos (guitars, vocals) and Sotiris Litsas "Snil", (drums). They decided to create a music band based on their common musical taste. The outcome of this union provides mostly blues, psychedelic blues, garage and groovy sounds.

18 April 2017

[Videotheque] Million Hollers - A Toast To Hedonism

'Million Hollers', the electric blues'n'roll trio from Salonica [GR] gave into publicity a video of their new song "A Toast to Hedonism". The band is in the process of producing a new release that should be ready sooner or later ;-)

13 April 2017

[News] Last Rizla tour, May2017

Last Rizla tour 2017 poster
Last Rizla, the sludge/doom/noise filthy beasts from Athens have announced the dates and places for their first Balkan tour under the title "Creative Dentistry".

Starting 13th May, they will visit 4 countries and 7 cities in total.

The tour is organized with the support of Ouga Booga & The Mighty Oug and Fuzz Ink.

10 April 2017

[News] Parafernelia live 12thArpil @Eightball

parafernelia live
Parafernelia Live
support act:. Jack Spirit

When:  Wednesday 12th April 2017
Where:  Eightball Club, Salonica [GR]
Doors open:  21:00
Starts:  21:30
Entrance:  4€ (1 beer included)
Aftershow party @ ROADHOUSE CAFE-BAR

06 April 2017

[News] BUS, Balkan minitour 4&5-May

BUS the unknown secretary balkan mini-tour
Having released one of the best albums of the Greek heavy scene during 2016, BUS, starting from Thessaloniki, GR (4/5 Eightball Club) are going to cross the borders for the first time to play alongside "Green Yeti" in Sofia, BG (5/5, Live 'n' Loud club).

03 April 2017

[News] Sadhus headlining Power of the Night Festival [CY]

sadhus on power of the night festival 2017
"Sadhus, The smoking Community" were announced to headline the first day of "Power of the Night Festival XII" in Cyprus this summer.

The 'weedian sludge-beast' four-piece (plus a rollin' engineer) from Athens is going south this summer to demolish "Power of the Night" festival in Nicosia, Cyprus.

30 March 2017

[News] DesertFest London 2017

| DesertFest London 2017 |
|  When: 28 April - 30 April  |
|  Where: Camden, London, UK  |

Spanning across 5 major venues in the heart of London's heavy metal scene:

23 March 2017

[Interview] Comacozer (AU)

comacozer band photo
"Comacozer" is an instrumental, psych, heavy rock band from Sydney, Australia. Last August they released their debut album "Astra Planeta". We had the chance to talk with them and we present you this interview. Enjoy!