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23 March 2017

[Interview] Comacozer (AU)

comacozer band photo
"Comacozer" is an instrumental, psych, heavy rock band from Sydney, Australia. Last August they released their debut album "Astra Planeta". We had the chance to talk with them and we present you this interview. Enjoy!

21 March 2017

[News] Green Yeti spring tour 2017

Brace yourselves! The Yeti is about to leave its cave and make a short trip to explore new, unforeseen lands!

Hailing from the feral wilderness of the Athenian underground, Green Yeti descended to the world of man three years ago, in order to spew out their savage psychedelic riffage.

19 March 2017

[Quick Fixes] Atomikylä - Keräily [FIN]

Atomikylä - Keräily
This is the second release by the Finnish from Tampere. The first one was released in 2014 under the title "Erkale" and it firstly introduced us to the strange sounds of "Atomikylä".

For those unfamiliar with the band: Atomikyla is formed by Vesa Ajomo and Jukka Rämänen of Dark Buddha Rising and Toni Hietamäki  and Juho Vanhanen of Oranssi Pazuzu.

[News] The Miskeys - Shadow (track from upcoming EP)

the miskeys
The Miskeys, is a music duo formed in Xanthi, Greece, in 2013 by Chris Naidos (guitars, vocals) and Sotiris Litsas "Snil", (drums). They decided to create a music band based on their common musical taste.
The outcome of this union provides mostly blues, psychedelic blues, garage and groovy sounds.

18 March 2017

[Videotheque] 1000mods - Electric Carve (official video)

1000mods just gave into publicity the official video for the track "Electric Carve'

Watch it below!

The band's announcement:

This is our first video clip!
In collaboration with Jagged Melon Productions and G.N.P. Productions, we want to pay our tribute to all the riders who employ our music throughout these years. Electric carve is dedicated to you!
So grab your board, put your headphones on and hit the road, catch the wind, carve the mountains and the sea!
Cheers to all the riders that participated in the video!

15 March 2017

[Quick Fixes] Jagannatha - s/t [FR]

Jagannatha - s/t
Jagannatha is an instrumental heavy rock quartet from Grenoble, France.
They state that some of their favorite bands are: Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Tool, Kyuss, Sleep, Nebula, Camel.

After listening to their release there is a chance that you will find some of the above influences inside their music. Personally speaking, I think there is also a 'monkey3' touch in their compositions, but maybe it's only me, or maybe it's the instrumental nature of the release that lead me to that thought.

Considering the album as a whole, for me it is a 48 minute rove through a variety of musical sceneries that each one represents a different mood with a different approach but when all of them are mixed together in a single unity it creates a unique result. Anyone can realize that by listening the first track 'Krishna', and from that moment you know what to expect as the album unfolds. The album offers to the listener pleasure in many different ways, either through slow, mild guitar playing or through heavy riffs backed-up by the bass (in many cases distorted). The doom feeling blends beautifully with some "psych up melodies", especially in the last track which is the longest in duration.

In conclusion, for me Jagannatha's release is a remarkable debut that puts their name on my list of bands to keep an eye on them for the future. I really wonder how they will evolve in the future and I am already eager to listen to their next release.

Until then I will really enjoy listening their debut in repeat and I think most of you that are into doom and psych-doom and instrumental releases will feel the same.
Enjoy this release by clicking below on the bandcamp player.

by .sotos.

Jagannatha are: Djo / Fred / Max / Yaiba
Origin: Grenoble, FRANCE

11 March 2017

[Band Visit] Cult of the Scum [GR]

cult of the scum
Formed in early 2014, as a side project of Shock Absorber guitarist Kostas Tsagkaris, ex-Shock Absorber bassist Tasos Tsiropoulos and Astray drummer Tolis Anagnostou, the Cult Of The Scum hit the ground running.

After extended rehearsing they entered the studio in the summer of the same year to record their first full length album, as a trio with Kostas taking over the vocals along with the guitar parts. 
The band's line up was expanded in early 2015 and the band became more than ready for live appearances. 

On 1st December 2016 'Cult of the Scum' uploaded on their bandcamp page their first recordings which came to be their debut album.
Playing a mixture of groovy, heavy rock and blues, 'Cult of the Scum' are a definite appetizer to 'escort' your beer or for any occasion involving an excessive-alcohol-consumption.

If you want a quick taste:  click play on Ain't gonna sing the blues

[Videotheque] Parafernelia - 4-legged Junkfish (official video)

parafernelia 4-legged junkfish

Parafernelia from Thessaloniki, Greece have just uploaded a new song (+official video) that will be included in their upcoming EP.

Listen and enjoy the track on youtube (check below)

09 March 2017

[Quick Fixes] Six Steps Above The Earth - Step 2

Six steps above the earth is, except of the place I live, a way to express myself slowly. heavily and with minimalism.
Through sound repetition and the feelings that it evokes to me, I fill and empty my mind leaving my hands free to play.
But it's not just me, there are others at time to time that come or will come and offer their energy.
Let’s move to Step 2

[News] A call to Instruments Vol.1 (by Aza Records)

A call to Instruments Vol.1 (by Aza Records)

"This is a call to instruments, this is Aza Records, a collective of independent bands from your neighborhood".
The first compilation by Aza Records is available for free download through bandcamp.

07 March 2017

[News] 'HALF Gramme of SOMA' new song

HALF Gramme of SOMA, gloomy eggplant, groove is black
HALF Gramme of SOMA just gave into publicity the first track of their upcoming album "Groove is Black".

The track is entitled "Gloomy Eggplant" and guess what... kicks some serious ass!

Scroll below and have a listen...

the band's message:
And finally this happened! The first track from our upcoming album "Groove is Black" is online for you to taste it. We feel super proud of it and truly grateful to the ones behind it.  Many thanks to George Leodis, Brad Boatright and AUDIOSIEGE, 1000mods and wreck-it sound studio, Fuzz ink., Sadhus ''The Smoking Community'', Bill Pafilas and the rest of the smoking community.
Feel free to share it or not, like or dislike it, love it or hate it.
More info on release date, pre-orders and future shows will be availble soon at

> Read an older interview here <

[News] Arrakis | Craang | Lunar Mgc live 16March'17

Arrakis, Craang, Lunar Mgc live @ EIghtball Salonica

A unique night where three of the most active and interesting bands of Thessaloniki, with their own characteristic sound join their forces for your pleasure.
Groovy vibes, psychedelic mood, trippy jams.

05 March 2017

[Quick Fixes] Dəem - _

Dəem - _ (
The guitarist and the drummer of 'Darnakes' left Greece and they are currently living in Stockholm, Sweden.
There, they created a new project with the name 'Dəem' and created this experimental, psych-folk album using bouzouki, bass and drums.
A very special release, highly recommended for everyone that likes folk experimentation projects. The music has a lot of Greek folk and Eastern elements with an "electric" approach and a paganistic touch.

The artwork was made by Theano G. (bass on Craang)
Recorded, mixed and produced Flow Recordings, Serres, Greece.

Dəem were also featured in Downtuned's Compilation "Abell35-"


a quote from their bandcamp page:
...with all ways out blocked, caught in an never-ending spiral present, redemption can only be achieved through Dəem (Da- ém); a banned timeworn ritual demanding the trade of a part of one’s self in order to reveal the lost path towards the light. Anticipating the effect and then silence

02 March 2017

[News] Universe217 Live Release

Universe217 - Live
Doom metallers Universe217 celebrate the 12 years of their history with a live album release. A 4-panel digipack CD including 1XCD and 1XDVD.

Two live appearances have been sheduled in Salonica and Athens [GR]

Universe217 (experimental doom metal, Athens)
facebook | bandcamp 
See below info about the gigs...

[News] Naxatras headlining Slowburn (Tel-Aviv)

Slowburn, Tel-Aviv-ISRAEL
Naxatras will be headlining "Slowburn"

Where: Tel-Aviv, ISRAEL

When: Friday 7th April 2017

 along with: The Great Machine / Electric Zoo / Heavy Stone / Turkish Delight

Slowburn will also be featuring Tattoos, Skateboarding and Art events.
> buy tickets online <

Naxatras @ Slowburn, Tel-Aviv [ISRAEL]

01 March 2017

[Interview] Down with Rebel Dogs

Rebel Dogs band photo
At the new episode of "Down with.." we had a little chat with Rebel Dogs. A power heavy rock trio from Athens. Get to know 'em better by reading our little interview...

27 February 2017

[News] Kemerov 'FMKD' release live 3March'17

kemerov fmkd release live serres
 A month ago Kemerov released their debut album entitled 'FMKD'.

 Now the time has arrived for the release live!

25 February 2017

[Interview] Down with Friend Of Gods

friend of gods
Friend Of Gods is 3-member band from Athens, Greece. They like weird harmonies and melodies, uncomfortable rhythm patterns and mixing everything together, to create something unique. We had a little chat with them and we offer you this interview.

24 February 2017

[Interview] Stratus Nimbus [USA]

Stratus nimbus cover art
We had the chance to chat with the 'Dowd brothers', Dan and Doug, the two brothers who formed the band "Stratus Nimbus" and released their debut album a few months ago. Here's our little interview:

22 February 2017

[Interview] Dendrites [GR]

Dendrites band photo
Just a few days before their live appearance alongside Nightstalker in Lefkada (25 February 2017) we had the chance to talk with "Dendrites"
So we present you this interview....


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