21 July 2014

Fuzztastic Planet Festival (2&3 Aug.'14)

Following the great success of last year's festival, the "Fuzztastic Planet's" orbit this year is passing again through Northern Greece on August 2nd & 3rd, to provide us with Trippy Jams, Killer Grooves and all those 70s vibes, and this time in a new and admittedly beautiful venue. The festival will take place in Kokkinogia Lake, one of the most beautiful landscapes in Northern Greece and near the city of Drama. "Kokkinogia Lake is Fuzztastic Planet Festival’s new home. A lavish piece of nature of 137,000 square meters, containing facilities such as shady camping sites, kiosks, toilets, shower rooms, an open-air bar, a tavern and a playground, it promises to offer an unforgettable festival experience."

09 July 2014

[Interview] Down with Half Gramme of Soma

Welcome to Downtuned
Tell us a few words about the group, when and where did you get started? How did you meet?
We’ve been active since the beginning of 2011. We actually met through ads in musicians’ forums and that’s how our first line-up took shape. We released our self titled debut in early 2013. Since then a few line-up changes occurred, in fact everyone but the two guitarists has been replaced. With this new line-up, which has been together for a year now, we toured around Greece for the first time. We now feel there’s a stronger connection between us both musically and in terms of communication.

27 June 2014

[Review] Planet of Zeus - Vigilante

One of the reasons I slightly delayed this review, was because of my initial inability to describe the musical direction of this album. And by saying that, I don’t mean that I wasn’t able to categorize it under a genre tag (this isn’t my task after all), I mean that every time I was giving a listen to this album I was constantly discovering  new layers of music and influences. I wrote like 3 different review drafts in order to describe this album but every single one of them was too complicated, so I said “Fuck these complicated analyses, I’ll keep it quite simple. Its Rock n Roll after all.”

24 June 2014

[Review] Sadhus (The Smoking Community) - Sadhus (The Smoking Community)

It was about time for some putrid, hellish sludge to come out from Greece. Damn, the last time I listened something worth was Guinea Pig’s demo from back in 2008 (please leave all your post-atmospheric “sludge” cocktails aside). Thank god, these bong-blessed fellows, called Sadhus (The Smoking Community) are here with their self-titled debut to fill this gap.

Τhese guys are authentic and passionate. It would be a mistake to expect something innovative or original, since their music is a straight decendant of both big sludge schools (see UK and USA, where they perfectly balance between them). But Sadhus just live for it. I don’t know a thing about their backgrounds or every day lives but it’s like sludge is a way of life for them (see EHG, where their music was a mirror to their lives). Another thing I have to give out my kudos for; is the lack of any NOLA references in their attitude as a whole, like Athens is located just next to New Orleans. Not that I have anything against NOLA or the "southern" influences in music, I'm just sick and tired with all the Down (as an example) wannabees believing or wishing to have been born in Louisiana. 

22 June 2014

[News] HALF Gramme of SOMA announce their upcoming release

HALF Gramme of SOMA announced that their new 5-track-EP titled "Marche Au Noir" will be coming out in autumn and they shared a preview of the album cover (check it on the left).

The band is currently on the mixing process and just uploaded a rough mix of a track that will be included in the upcoming EP.
 The track is titled "Seeking Shelter" and you can listen to it below: