22 October 2014

Down to Desert Fest, Antwerp, Belgium

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[Interview] Down with Cosmic Plunge

Welcome to DT. Tell us a few words about the group, when and where did you get started?How did you meet?
Hello there! We have all been friends for many years and in May 2010 we decided to start a band since we share a common love for music. 

Which are your musical influences?
Our music is mostly influenced by the doom, 70’s rock, heavy rock scene. 

What’s your lyrics about? What catches your interest?
Generally we like to use opposite notions in our lyrics such as death and life, love and hate, mirth and sorrow, faith and disbelief combined in stories of mythical content and characters.

20 October 2014

[Interview] Down with Cellar Dogs

Welcome to DT. Tell us a few words about the group, when and where did you get started? How did you meet?
We started off in Athens, Greece about 2 years ago. Antonis (guitar, vocals) and Evan (drums) started jamming sometime around November 2012. At some point we realized that what we were jamming on was serious fun and definitely needed 2 good friends to share that. Jim (bass) and Konstantinos (guitar) eventually teamed up and joined the fun. We met through online dating, straight guys looking for some company. But seriously, Konstantinos and Antonis were high school buddies since the old days. Me and Jim used to go to the same school way way back. In a magical way all of these came together and we formed the Cellar Dogs.

18 October 2014

[Interview] Down with Sons Of Hogs

Welcome to DT. Tell us a few words about the group, when and where did you get started? How did you meet?
We are Sons Of Hogs from Volos, Greece. We are playing together since September 2013 but we know each other for several years since our hometowns "rock community" is not that big and we almost all know each other in some kind of way. At first we were trying to form a four-piece band but after a long time searching for the other members we decided to take the risk and go two-piece, with no guitars. We get positive feedback in our shows so we think it works.

14 October 2014

[Quick Fixes] Last Rizla - Seamen

The history of this band dates back to 2003 when some ("clumsy" as they claim) boys got together in a basement in Syros Island (Greece) to play Punk Rock and Red Hot Chili Peppers covers. The concept of "Last Rizla" was actually devised in 2006 featuring members that aren't anymore in the band. After some changes in the line-up and having Athens as a "base", the band managed in 2009 to self-finance its first recording and release the first full album which they decided to give it for free to anyone you liked their music. Its sound is a mixture of heavy rock, hardcore punk, and post-metal.

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08 October 2014

[Quick Fixes] Atomic Vulture - Into Orbit

This band from Belgium dates back to 2011 where they begun as a 4-member band but after the vocalist left the band they decided to continue as an instrumental trio. Some months after the departure of the singer the band releases digitally its first demo which hit the underground heavy rock lovers right in the stomach, (well at least those who listened to the demo :P ).  Pretty quick their first fans appeared allover europe and their 3 track demo gained its place in many webradio playlists and radio shows. Six months later they make their second release, a 3-track EP named "Planet Emerald" and a worthy "successor" of their first release along with the single "Moon Base" which was released 5 months later.

[Interview] Down with Anal Veritas

Welcome to Downtuned
Tell us a few words about the group, when and where did you get started?
How did you meet?
The band started back in 2002 when Nikos (bass) and Paris (drums) started jamming at the famous "Sub Studios" late 2003 Sotiris (guitars) and Tassos (guitars) joined the band and the band the four of us name the baby band Anal Veritas after some months Thannasis joined the band as the vocalist and that’s the original line up till now Nikos Sotiris and Tassos were friends from 1995 when they were played at bands of that era like κιτρινα φυλλα, desperate cry am nepenthe with lots of projects, jams and drinks 2003 was the time to join forces with Paris and Thannasis who they were Nikos friends and met them to Sotiris and Tassos.