[Suggestion] Movement of Static - Naegleria

Movement of Static - Naegleria
Movement of Static is a cinematic post rock – metal band based in Thessaloniki, Greece. It started off at 2013 as an idea among its two guitarists and later this “static” idea got its “movement”, came to realization and got enriched with the addition of two more members in bass and drums. In 2016 they released their debut EP titled “Novelty Seekers”, an almost complete DIY work. In their new album “Naegleria” they experimented with new sounds and new instruments trying to capture more electronic and psychedelic feelings. Their purpose is to make interactive live performances and to collaborate with various artists without labels nor limits, yet with a common purpose… Creation.

NAEGLERIA is an immersive musical journey with a cinematic atmosphere which is enhanced if you keep following the concept of the story as the album advances from one track to the other.
Movement of Static managed to deliver a beautiful album, really powerfull and capable of sinking you in darker, deeper state of mind.
NAEGLERIA is not just another journey, it is the kind that when you begin it you can't press stop, you just want to 'sink' into the music and enjoy.

The concept behind “Naegleria” is based on the journey to knowledge. From this journey you will be able to learn who you are and the reasons of your existence and how your existence interacts with the universe and nature. The whole story takes place in two parallel dimensions.

Dimension #1: Is the life that you already live.
Dimension #2: Is a surreal story about a girl who traveled a long way to find an ancient secret about the meaning of life. Every track of this album depends from the previous one and each one has its own story.

01/. Slowly We Are...
|The sun finds you with a cynic smile in your face, reminiscing the days of misery. The days that you whispered “We are the virus in this world. We will not change”|
«Slowly we are…» represents the Genesis. The first light we see as we go out from our mother’s womb.

02/. 57 084 INICIAL' 76 16 56 79

03/. The Passage
|You remember every single detail…The day that you left everything behind, the wishes of your closest, the villages, the cities, the mountains, the seas…But your clearest memory is the path you chose|
«The Passage»
At this time we are entering into the two parallel dimensions.
Dimension #1: This dimension represents the path you have to choose in your life. Which way to go in order to make your own way, to make your own history.
Dimension #2: There was a story! Someone, somewhere in time had said that there is a path. A path that will lead you to an ancient mountain. In that sacred mountain you will find the greatest answer of all.

04/. 77 56 01 51 AGGRADACIYA 05 51 55 97

05/. Mountain of Life
|How many changes in such a few hours? Anxiety to euphoria, euphoria to sadness; sadness to hate. How many changes? But in the end, the reward was what you saw, the heart of the mountain|
«Mountain Of Life»
Dimension #1: What for are you working every day? Why you have to lose your beloved ones? Why you have to bend down your head when you know you are right? You fall! You get up! All these difficulties and the struggle for your surviving is what Mountain of life represents.
Dimension #2: She had to climb! To cross all this wild beauty which surrounds the foothills of the mountain. She had to reach the top. Shadows stalk her day and night watching every movement ready to savage her soul in a moment of weakness. Thirty five days and nights with a few drops of water and not enough food, with the winds blowing in her mind and the mountain trying to defeat her. It was like hell .But she had to reach the top.

06/. 6EQUJ5
|You wished to climb to the top and see everything from up there, to feel like a god once…But you just didn’t know how generous fate would be with you…And you met those who years ago sent a message…’WOW’|
Dimension #1: Social media, smartphones, likes, dislikes, selfies, blogs, scrolls, thumps up, thumps down. You are losing your connection. Where, when and how your mind is going to externalize all this information you get? You have to communicate to each other. Try to feel the real emotions of the other.
Dimension #2: As she reached the top of the mountain, suddenly she found herself standing in front of an enormous gate. The walls were dressed up with an unknown script. Strange symbols were all over the place, revealing that some kind of a civilization was once lived there. An old man approached her like an entity. He was the one that will speak on behalf of the olden Gods. The one that will transfer from Them the greatest answer of all. What is the meaning of life?

07/. 80 516 GANOMATIT 21 23 86 25 

08/. Diaspasis
|They were the most kind and intelligent creatures that you had ever met. You were captivated by their unparalleled beauty, the fluency of their wise words, their sympathy. Your face was surely delighted when they told you that, the meaning of life lies in the disintegration of all physical substance.|
Dimension #1: it is the one’s true last thought before the loss of life. It is everything that a person thinks right before he takes his last breath.
Dimension #2: She had to live it all behind, every part of her identity, everything that made her a human being. She had to become one with the universe, every aspect of herself had to be divided and united with it.

09/. 93 882 NAIMINA 74 14 35 74 

10/. ...Fading From Our Existence
|Diaspasis from everything evil, the old world, the old mankind…Governments, religions, racism, money… Diaspasis from everything that makes us fade out from our existence.|
«…Fading from our existence»
At this track the two dimensions become one. The circle has been completed and closed. Now, it can go on and on to the infinity.

Movement of Static - Naegleria front coverMovement of Static - Naegleria inlayMovement of Static - Naegleria back cover

The band's current line up is :
Paris M. (Guitar)
Dimitris Ch. (Guitar)
Fotis M. (Bass)
Kostas Ch. (Drums)

- Artist: Movement of Static
- Release title: Naegleria
- Type of Release: debut LP
- Band Origin: GREECE, Thessaloniki
- Genre: post rock, metal
- Release Date: 12 October 2018

Album credits:
Mastered by Exceptional Mastering
Drums recorded at Blueberry Productions Co.
Guitars & bass recorded at π2
Mixing and arrangements by Movement of static
Cover art by Eight Designs
Special thanks to Kiki Xenidou & Fotis Dardagiannopoulos.

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