[Suggestion] Movement of Static - Novelty Seekers

Movement of Static - Novelty Seekers
Counting almost 4 years since they begun their composition efforts, 'Movement of Static' last October gave us their first release, a 4-track EP.
'Novelty Seekers' is an instrumental post-rock EP that in many cases 'reaches out to touch' post-metal. After listening to 'Novelty Seekers' for several times I started to think of it not as a 4-track EP but more as a very beautiful 4-part journey.
Highly recommended.

 - Band: Movement of Static
 - Release title: Novelty Seekers
 - Type of Release: debut EP album
 - Band Origin: GREECE, Thessaloniki
 - Genre: instrumental, post-rock, post-metal
- Release Date:  9 October 2016 

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