[Compilation] Recursive Olethros Vol.1 [GR 2017]

Compilation Recursive Olethros Vol. 1
'Recursive Olethros' is a compilation of tracks picked from the Greek Underground 2017 releases (January to May).
In particular, Volume 1 is dedicated to the more heavy releases (sludge, post-metal, doom, noise, crust) and it features some of the most important and surely promising bands of the Greek Underground at the moment.

01. Last Rizla - KLS953
02. Lethe - Σχιζαδράνεια (Schizinertia)
03. House Anxiety - God's Fineprint
04. Anal Veritas - Happy Estella
05. Green Yeti - Rojo
06. Allochiria - Cracking Fractals
07. Amniac - Matriarch
08. KRAUSE - The Last Men
09. Conspiracy Of Denial - Smells Like Death

Listen on Mixcloud:

Last Rizla - KLS9532 -|- (taken from their single 'KLS9532') -|- (review here)

Lethe - Σχιζαδράνεια/Schizinertia -|- (taken from their 12'' split LP with Conspiracy of Denial)

House Anxiety - God's Fineprint -|- (taken from their 'Demo 2017' release) -|- (review here)

Anal Veritas - Happy Estella -|- (taken from their full release 'Happy Estella') -|-  (review here)

Allochiria - Cracking Fractals -|- (taken from their full release 'Throes')

Conspiracy Of Denial - Smells Like Deah -|- (taken from their 12'' split LP with Lethe

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