[Quick Fixes] House Anxiety - Demo [2017]

House Anxiety - Demo
Hailing from Athens, Greece and having been formed in 2016, "House Anxiety" have just released (6th January) their first demo that consists of six tracks (the first is a kind of intro) and has a total duration of almost 19 minutes.
The demo is available for free downloading through their bandcamp page.
If the name "House Anxiety" rings a bell to you and reminds you 'something' from the 90s then you may have already guessed a lot about the band's favorite genre.

Despite the fact that the band's name makes a reference to Iron Monkey, personally, after listening the demo several times I got the impression that their main influence was Eyehategod, but that's irrelevant...
They surely like to mix their sludgy attitude with small crust-punk outbursts (Human Herd, Worm Stew Roaches) and in my opinion it would be very interesting if they adopt this style permanently in the future, while maintaining their slow, groovy, creepy style as in 'God's Fineprint' (kudos for the 'Doctor Faustus' sample).

This is a very nice demo by "House Anxiety" to introduce themselves to the sludge community and a very good sign that something new and very promising has been added the heavy underground scene of Greece that is in serious lack of some sludge bands.

Take a moment to listen to this demo and draw your own conclusions ;-)

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