[Quick Fixes] Last Rizla - KLS9532

Last Rizla - KLS9532
The last thing he remembered was the fall. But not the landing...
He woke-up totally numb laying on something that looked like a surgery bed. Blear lights were dazzling him and blurry shadows were moving around surrounding him.
A sudden sharp pain permeated his body from his left eye down to his right foot. He tried to scream but his mouth was probably sewn shut. He decided that he should pass-out.
When he regained consciousness, one quarter of his body was missing; half his head, half his chest with half his heart down to his stomach.
Strangely, besides the spacial and temporal distance between his two separate segments that were now autonomous, he could still feel the senses of both parts...

The above story is probably the best way to describe this release, and if you came here for a review you've just read it ;-)  Click 'play' below and enjoy the sludge horror ride that Last Rizla are offering.

It's true that 'Last Rizla' as well as the whole "smokin' community" work in strange ways but also by making very particular and slooow steps. This fact doesn't prevent them from releasing remarkable 'shit'.

KLS9532 is the latest (single) release by Last Rizla and the first with Stavros (Sadhus, ex-Soul Fracture) on vocals. It was recorded on April 2016 @ "Wreck It Sound Studios" (Corinth). It was released on 29 April 2017 by Fuzz Ink Records in a limited edition of 250 red vinyls with handmade screen prints. 

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