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Anal Veritas Happy Estella, 2017 | SEX :P
Besides 'Estella' we are also happy to see another release by Anal Veritas. It's a fact that this band actually functions and works in a very particular way, that is a slow one :-)
Although the beginning of "Anal Veritas" as a band dates back to 2002, lots of 'ransitions' took place until the band took its shape.
Their first release "Project: TV Junkies" was recorded between 2008 and 2012 and it was finally given to the public in 2013.

Just before their new release "Happy Estella", another transition took place inside the band with another line-up change. The recordings have already been done with the previous line-up so the album 'took its course' and it was finally released.
The sound of the album and generally the sound of "Anal Veritas" is not something that is easily categorized to a single genre. The sound and production of "Happy Estella" is obviously a lot better compared to the band's first release and indicates that even with all these changes inside the band, "Anal Veritas" worked towards the 'right' direction and achieved a remarkable result.

The particular style of Anal Veritas' sound is mainly the result of the pluralism and variety of influences that their members have. Back in 2014 in a mini interview of Anal Veritas we published on Downtuned magazine they have stated that their influences vary from thrash metal, post metal to hardcore punk and industrial, naming a lot of different bands like Metallica, Slayer, Isis, Deftones, Pantera, Neurosis, Rob Zombie and many others that may have influenced and finally formed in a way the sound of the band.

The album balances between metal, post metal, sludge, hardcore, punk, with heavy riffage and solid drumming but without omitting melodic and atmospheric parts that flirt with post and doom aesthetics. The vocals are brutal and groovy and in some cases clean up to give a more 'sentimental' and melancholic tone to the whole aggressive stance of the album maintaining a nice equilibrium between the two, without losing in power or heaviness.

The band seems to have adopted a very professional approach for this release and I am pretty sure they are going to stay on that course, but I am still very eager to see their next steps because of the latest changes on their line-up that included the addition of a female vocalist: "Chrysa Tsaltabasi" (National Pornografik, Bella Fuzz, Biotech, Spinelles). The band is already rehearsing on new material and they are planning to enter the studio the following months to record their new release.

Until then enjoy and groove with "Happy Estella"!

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