[Suggestion] Tidal Shock - Black Hole Genesis

Tidal Shock - Black Hole Genesis
Tidal Shock is a new band that was formed in 2018 at Heraklion, Greece and just recently released its first EP 'Black Hole Genesis' which was recorded live in the studio.

The band's sound is a mix of jammy instrumental heavy rock with psychedelic aesthetics which some times goes bluesier and heavier and other times goes to more aethereal soundscapes. 'Black Hole Genesis' is an interesting approach to the genre from a new band with fairly young members that just generates some expectations for the future. I am already eager to see a full album by those guys. Well done!

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the band's quote:
Black Hole Genesis is a travel through raw intrumental music, it contains five tracks, spanning from doom riffage to psychedelic licks. A hearing aid to ascend to higher conciousness. Ascetics are to be praised.

more info provided by the band:
Tidal Shock begun its journey in our galaxy on September 2018 at Heraklion (Greece), with Alex on bass, Beppe on drums and Giorgos on guitars. Αn instrumental journey, passing through doom riffs and psychedelic licks. The Tidal Shock expands, currently working on new material and performing as much as possible!
 Tidal Shock is:
Alex ● bass
Beppe ● drums
Giorgos ● guitar
Recorded live at 8 production studio
Mixed/Mastered by Dimitris Kakoulakis
Artwork: MB of Officina della Diversita

- Artist: Tidal Shock
- Release title: Black Hole Genesis
- Type of Release: digital EP
- Band Origin: Heraklion-Crete, Greece
- Genre: intstrumental pscychedelic, heavy rock
- Release Date: 27 May 2019 (digitaly)

Photo by: Marilena Nikoloudiaat Rock 'N' Rolling Stone Rock Bar (2nd May '19)

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