[Suggestion] Mantra Machine - Heliosphere

Mantra Machine - Heliosphere
It's been five years since Mantra Machine's debut release 'Nitrogen' and finally the trio from the Netherlands is back with a brand new album "Heliosphere".

The long awaited album consists of four tracks with a total duration of 43 minutes! Obviously walking the same path they started treading with "Stage One" EP and the "Nitrogen" album, Mantra Machine don't fear to 'flaunt' their influences: psychedelic jams, heavy rock atmosphere and stoner riffs, flirting with spacerock at moments and constantly with their psychedelic side, grooving their rhythms over synth-veiled landscapes.

It would sound too ordinary and typical if I said that the whole album is a "journey" but the truth is that the album is neither ordinary nor typical. And even if it won't sound too original in many ears it surely pays tribute to the great 90s instrumental psy-jam legacy of Netherlands' scene and it's worth your attention if you are a fan of the genre.

Mantra Machine is:
Paul Geerts guitars & synths
Eric Frantzen bass
Jeroen Schippers drums

extra info:
In 2012 they debuted at the Sonic Rock Solstice festival in England and released their first EP 'Stage One'. Among other gigs they were invited to play at Mudfest III (2013).

In December 2014 they recorded and released a first full-length album called 'Nitrogen'. Short after the release the album was placed on the Dutch music site 3VOOR12 Luisterpaal and also was released on vinyl.

In 2016 they where invited to play at Roadburn in Tilburg, played at Yellowstock in Belgium and did a minitour through Germany and Austria. Currently they are working on new material for their second album.

Members at the moment:
Paul Geerts: guitars and synths
Jeroen Schippers: drums
Eric Frantzen: bass

Previous Members:
Marijn Slot: bass
Tjø van Zuijlen: bass and sampler 

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