[Videotheque] Knock Nevis - Cosmic Beach

"Knock Nevis" is a heavy rock'n'roll trio from Athens, Greece existing since since 2017.

The band was created by:
Jorgo (Korsikov) bass and vocals,
Andrew (ex - Drunk Motherfuckers) guitar 
Joe on drums.

Just yesterday (2/4) they gave in public the first sample of their music by uploading a rehearsal recording video on the band's official youtube channel for their song "Cosmic Beach".
Enjoy it below...

On Friday 20 April Knock Nevis will be joining forces with Sadhus, Half Gramme of Soma and KRAUSE in the "4.20 Symposium Fest" @AN Club.

Cosmic Beach 
(Lyrics By Enrico)
Naughty office sister glide
Down the beach giving a pig a thong ride
monstrous in pensionist wrinkled up hyde
Put some oil on my back, Baby
Hide and Seek, Sickened Hyde

You make me suffer and I bleed
Facial contraction 
Circumcised Heat
Cover me in conformity

Muscle and Biceps
Do they numb the pain?

Towels dripping wet and bloody
Poodle looks so numb and ugly
Fifteen years of lousy marriage
Time for a beach sid family carnage

You make suffer and I bleed

Oasis of grease
Massage parlor of freaks
Thriving in social disease
There’s booze and bad Karma to tease

Messed up
Used up
Fucked up
Stripped of all dignity
Taken advantage of
Life value equal to null

Live Rehearsal Recording at Encore Studios

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