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[Videotheque] Monstroid - Lost In The Haze
[Videotheque] Casual Nun - Stripes
[Videotheque] Mutonia - N.5
[Videotheque] DÖ - Cosmic Communion (track premiere)
[Videotheque] No Fake Bone - Off the road (live session)
[Videotheque] Toothless Cage - Mars
[Videotheque] Rival Karma - Apocalypse Boogie
[Videotheque] Potergeist - Heroine
[Videotheque] Wine Lips - Fly Swatter
[Videotheque] No Fake Bone - City Girls (live session)
[Videotheque] Carcaño - The Jar
[Videotheque] Nightstalker - Sweet Knife
[Videotheque] Bonzai - Hopeseeker
[Videotheque] No Fake Bone - Deep Freezing (live session)
[Videotheque] Dr. Albert Flipout's one CAN band - Hell Surfer
[Videotheque] Black Pistol - Call to Arms
[Videotheque] The After Maths - Vendetta
[Videotheque] No Fake Bone - Queen of the Game (live session)
[Videotheque] Planet of Zeus - Revolution Cookbook
[Videotheque] Bone Man - Wreck Under the Sea