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[Videotheque] the Big Nose Attack - Workin' So Hard (Not To Love Me)
[Videotheque] Mutonia - Generation Z(h)ero
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[Videotheque] Lowbau - Mother Sun
[Videotheque] Imperial Jade - Sad For No Reason
[Videotheque] monkey3 - Prism
[Videotheque] Hypergiant - No Way Out
[Videotheque] Sadhus (The Smoking Community) - Sobbing Children
[Videotheque] Black Lung - Gone
[Videotheque] Wine Lips - Electric Lady
[Videotheque] Hypnotic Nausea - Priest
[Videotheque] Mutonia - The Runner
[Videotheque] Northern Revival - Old Sparky
[Videotheque] Vain Valkyries - I Feel Good (James Brown Cover)
[Videotheque] Skiska Skooper - Introvert Party
[Videotheque] 4LT. - World On Fire
[Videotheque] The Limiñanas - Trois Bancs
[Videotheque] Cosmic Plunge - A Kind Heart Cannot Endure
[Videotheque] IGOR'Z - Killing an animal
[Videotheque] Bill Randen - Of Many