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[Videotheque] Nubosidad Parcial - Asciende
[Videotheque] The Screaming Fly - Reflection (Ziria festival 2019)
[Videotheque] SuperSoul - Blackhorse (Ziria festival 2019)
[Videotheque] The Screaming Fly - ASTRO (Ziria Festival 2019)
[Videotheque] Kevel - Of Being
[Videotheque] Whereswilder - Hold Up
[Videotheque] The Answer? - Falling Down
[Videotheque] madebygrey - Waltz of denial (Ziria festival 2019)
[Videotheque] Domadora - Volcano Sessions #5, Part-2 (live)
[Videotheque] Mutonia - Radio
[Videotheque] Domadora - Volcano Sessions #5, Part-1 (live)
[Videotheque] Deaf Radio - Animals
[Videotheque] Planet Of Zeus - All These Happy People
[Videotheque] Bat Signal - Like A Drug
[Videotheque] Black Pistol - Down the Hatch
[Videotheque] The Darkstar Calling - Shadow of Your Love
[Videotheque] Monstroid - Lost In The Haze
[Videotheque] Casual Nun - Stripes
[Videotheque] Mutonia - N.5
[Videotheque] DÖ - Cosmic Communion (track premiere)