Releases, in threes [#4] a Psychedelic mayhem

Releases, in threes [#4] a Psychedelic mayhem
- MYTHIC SUNSHIP - "Upheaval"
- HEADROOM - "Head in the Clouds"
- 10 000 RUSSOS - "Distress Distress"

- In "Releases, in threes" three albums of about the same genre or attitude (or not) are reviewed in brief. Probably one would enjoy listening the three of them in a row, no matter the order.

MYTHIC SUNSHIP - "Upheaval"  2018
Mythic Sunship - Upheaval (2018, Denmark)
The band about themselves: "crude jams & cosmic vibes" or "Anaconda Rock"
Us about the band: doom injected psychedelic jam
Facts: 3rd release, worthy successor of the previous two.
Short comment: one of the best exported products of Denmark since 2016.
Strong point: the way almost every track follows an escalation from a mellow intro to an orgasmic climax. 
We are curious... to see how this band will evolve the years to come.
For a quick taste... press play on Cosmic Rupture below
More info: soundcloud | facebook

HEADROOM - "Head in the Clouds"  2017
Headroom - Head in the Clouds (2017, USA)
The band about themselves: improvisation, jam, psychedelic rock.
Us about the band: psychedelia to get lost in.
Facts: debut album, project of Kryssi Battalene. A s/t EP cassette was released on 2016. 
Short comment: 90s aesthetics on 70s drugs.
Strong point: the blury and intoxicating atmosphere from the beginning to the end. 
We are curious... to see how this band is performing live.
For a quick taste... press play on How to Grow Evil Flowers below
More info: bandcamp | facebook

10 000 RUSSOS - "Distress Distress"  2017
10 000 Russos - Distress Distress (2017, Portugal)
The band about themselves: "Repetitiveness, deconstruction and mantras."
Us about the band: kraut, psychedelic
Facts: This is the sophomore album by the portugese trio. If you liked their debut you're gonna love this one. 
Short comment: Neu!, Circle and Farlfung blended together in an addictive mixture.
Strong point: the rhythmic repetitiveness plus the hypnotic vocals and the mesmerizing chaotic atmosphere.
We want... more kraut psychedelia! :)
For a quick taste... press play on Germinal below
More info: bandcamp | facebook 

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