[Suggestion] Fuel Eater - Soberian Kinship

Fuel Eater - Soberian Kinship
Fuel Eater evolved and improved their sound and decided to follow a more metal and groovy path. Although I'm not a very big fan of the southern style I listened repeatedly to this album and spotted some interesting aspects that may help the band establish a more personal style and character.
Yet, since the southern genre is kind of "glutted" worldwide, I have the impression that it will be quite hard to be original and stand out within this genre, but... who knows?
Fuel Eater with Soberian Kinship, made a good start towards this direction and I hope they'll continue evolving. The sure thing this that they're really trying to pick interesting topics for their lyrics, with my personal favorites being "Apathetic Wishtle" and "Dome Below".

P.S.: "Soberian Kinship" is an intended pun that combines 'Sober' with 'Siberia' (see artwork), yet if you read the lyrics of the respective track you'll understand that the title is an oxymoron.

- Artist: Fuel Eater
- Release title: Soberian Kinship
- Type of Release: 2nd full album
- Band Origin: GREECE, Patras
- Genre: heavy rock, metal, southern
- Release Date: 16 February 2018

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