[Quick Fixes] Marijannah - Till Marijannah

Marijannah - Till Marijannah
We don't often get a release from the island of Singapore, although in the past there were some bands that emerged from the Singaporean underground and managed to be heard outside their country. Band like "Wormrot" (grindocre) and "The Caulfield Cult" (punk-post-hardcore).

Now it was the time for a heavy-rock/doom project to emerge and 'break' the borders of Singapore to reach us and groove our speakers.
A collaboration of musicians that are already participating in the aforementioned bands gave birth to "MARIJANNAH" that a few weeks ago released their debut entitled 'Till Marijannah'.
A release that combines heavy rock with doom-metal and extra-fuzzy guitars with powerful clean vocals that stay on top of the sludgy, fuzzy mud and riffs. The whole release is dipped in a quite noisy and dark attitude, still it radiates great power as the band keeps "firing" tasty riffs the one after the other.

I've got the impression that Marijannah's debut is going to be loved by listeners that enjoy the works of "Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats" or even the ones that were stoked when the debut of "Witch" was released back in 2006. Give those Singaporean fuzz lovers a chance and you won't be disappointed!

'Till Marijannah' was released in vinyl format on 12th February by Pink Tank Records.  
Order the vinyl here, or grab a digital copy here.

Marijannah are:
Muhammad Azri - Bass
Nicholas Ng - Guitar, Vocals
Nicholas Wong - Drums, Vocals
Rasyid Juraimi - Guitar, Vocals 

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