[Videotheque] Ethereal Riffian - Drum of the Deathless

Watch Ethereal Riffian's brand new video for their song 'Drum of The Deathless' which was included in their latest EP release "I AM. Deathless" (May 2016).

Dust abodes, ephemeral and fettered
All things riddled with the script divine
Epiphany unfolds with the pulse of the matrix
Behold, and you'll see its might


No matter priests bawl
No matter eras fall
No matter mind's noise
Tune into drum's voice

Just stand in the middle of the war
That leads us to the selfless notion
Ascend, absorb this potion

Just sail, from the never to the core
Of what we are in this formful fable
Lay down in the Deathless cradle

Drum's heard, ships sail
All to witness the gale
Ethereal Riffian are:
Val Korniev guitar/vocals/didgeridoo
Olexander Korniev bass
Max Yuhimenko lead guitar
Nikita Shipovskoi drums

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