Various Artists - WHATISPSYCH

I came across this cool compilation somewhere on facebook when I listened to a featured song someone posted - unfortunately I can't remember where/who in order to give the appropriate credits.

Anyway here we're dealing with a compilation recorded completely analogue in September & October 2012 at Megaphon Studios featuring 11 of Sydney's most underground psych acts like Dead Radio, Broadcasting Transmitter, Dead China Doll, East River, God K, Lyyar... in an over an hour mind-manifesting music trip.

It will be a limited edition, released in double vinyl format (deluxe and "normal") by O/π (Octopus Pi), an umbrella brand with a focus on creating innovative curated events incorporating DIY music, arts and performance (like Wormwood :: absinthe & psychedelia).

"WHATISPSYCH" is available in digital form for streaming and downloading in O/π's bandcamp where you can also pre-order the vinyl. I suggest you to give it a listen the soonest....

by Thanos

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