[Review] Savora - Company Of Dogs

Savora - Company Of DogsA while ago Claudio sent me a mail introducing me to  his band called Savora. Judging from both his and band's name I assumed they come from Italy. As most of the times in the last few weeks, I was wrong... Coming from Bavaria's Passau and even if they have been together as a band for a few years, they've just released their first album, "Company Of Dogs".

As the band states "The band never wanted to re-invent the wheel or be another bunch of „super-pro-on-stage-masturbators“, just do some heavy rockin' shit for themselves and for those who like it". And they're totally right.

First of all "Company Of Dogs" was completely analogue recorded in one weekend. You can feel analogue equipment's warmness especially if you listen to it wearing headphones. I think that you're getting the same experience as if you were in studio with Savora as they were recording it. 

I have to say that I really got stuck with this release. I can't say it's stoner rock, neither some kind of psych stuff, just some really fine, crunchy heavy rock. Claudio's vocals was the first thing that grabbed my attention. He has a cool tone (at times he reminds me of Arenna's singer) and he has done a great job. Especially some parts with double vocals are quite impressive. 

Of course Claudio's vocals wouldn't sound so good if the rest of the music wasn't at the same level... Take for example Company Of Dogs' opening track "Tandem". It builds itself slowly through some calm arpeggiated chords and then seductive guitar riffs kick in which along with the vox and the deep bass, creating a hell of a song. "Rasum Tasblum" is one of the most high energy songs in the album and it feels like you're joining the band in a private room gig or something. And there is more... "Glory Hole" tension-builder massiveness, "Origins" slightly psychedelic, laid-back coolness, the exceptional Kyuss-esque "Galena" and the more blues-spiced "Up On The Hill".

Overall "Company Of Dogs" satisfied my tastes. I'm not saying that is something pioneering I listened for first time. But I got so familiar and close with these guys from the first time I put their album in my player. I felt like they're my buddies and they're playing right in my room as we hang out and drink some beers. Perhaps due to the fact that they play first for their own pleasure and satisfaction. I think I've written enough. Just go in their bandcamp and give it a listen.

by Thanos

01. Tandem
02. Rasum Tasblum
03. Automatic Mary
04. Glory Hole
05. Jailbait
06. Lucies Lunchbox
07. Origins
08. The Leaves
09. Galena
10. Up On The Hill

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