[Review] Various Artists - For Lee Jackson In Space

"This tribute album came together in love and honor of Lee Jackson, writer, music fan, dear friend. All profits will go to the Texas chapter of the ALS Association, who can be reached via alsa-texas.org -- please feel free to join our Facebook discussion group linked below if you'd like to learn more about the remarkable man who we all dearly miss."
The truth is I didn't know who Lee Jackson was until I found this amazing compilation. From my understanding though, he was a great music lover and a very good writer too. And that is enough -at least for me- to dedicate him a massive comp like this one.

"For Lee Jackson In Space" is curated by Mats Gustaffson, Ned Raggett and Travis Johnson. It features 94 songs, reaching a total duration of almost 12 hours. It covers a wide variety of music genres like psych, folk, drone, space-rock, dream-pop, acoustic stuff, etc. Just to name few of the artists/bands participating so you can get an idea: Abunai!, Tadpoles, SubArachnoid Space, Linus Pauling Quartet, Six Organs Of Admittance, Kable, ST 37, Charalambides, The Roswell Incident, Plastic Crimewave, Thunderbolt Pagoda and many more... All tracks are new or previously unreleased provided by the artists themselves as a tribute to Lee and of course in order to support ALS Association. It's hard to go through each track but you can find a fine review in Terrascope. It also includes a 45-page booklet containing full information about each song as well as thoughts from Lee himself about the contributing artists, taken from his writing work.

You can purchase a digital copy of "For Lee Jackson In Space" from bandacamp for 30 dollars or more. All profits will go to the Texas chapter of ALS Association.

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