[Quick Fixes] Misty Morning - Saint Shroom

Year: 2011
Hometown: Rome, Italy
01. Saint Shroom
02. Jellotron

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Physical Needs: Doomanoid Records

Last year Misty Morning released "Saint Shroom" 12" (limited to 250 red vinyl copies) but just now I had the chance to check it. "Saint Shroom" features two extended  tracks (12 and 10 minutes each) and I'm somehow confused by listening to them. They basically are a space doom band as they describe themselves but their influences are so many that at times my mind gets dazed, especially in the same titled track. They have the skills to successfully incorporate them in their music but sometimes when you're trying to stack so many things in one place, you're lacking of room to breath. "Jellotron" is more concentrated, having a great flow and a dreamy end point. In conclusion, it's a interesting work probably needing a couple of spins for unfolding all of its virtues. Though I wonder how a full album is going to sound like...

by Thanos

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