[Quick Fixes] Goya - Demo

Year: 2012
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
01. God Lie
02. Blackfire
03. Mourning Sun
04. Opoponax
05. Night Creeps
Goya is a trio from Phoenix and they released their first demo few days ago showing their monstrous teeth to the world. They play some wicked trippy, stoned out doom and I have to say they're really good. Of course comparisons with Electric Wizard are not only inevitable but justified too (each track brings you closer and closer to EW and at the same time adds a little more of Goya's touch). Five weed-scented tunes, tuned down for your sick pleasure. Take a walk in their bandcamp, download it by paying anything you want or grab a physical copy, burn up a fatty and "watch" it burn under Goya's grooves... Heavy!

by Thanos

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