[Live Report] Adolf Plays The Jazz, This Is Nowhere, Tuber Live @ Drama, 17/09/2012

Needless to mention that I am a huge fan of This Is Nowhere and I felt like I was stuck out in my town so I decided to make this road-trip with George (Just A Burn) to enjoy one more night with the sweet sounds of This Is Nowhere in the wonderful city of Drama.

When we arrives at the venue, Adolf Plays The Jazz were doing their sound check. The "venue" was interesting as it was the Railway Station of Drama. Due to the adverse weather conditions, the concert transferred indoors to avoid the cancellation due to rain and cause of this the Vjing set by Mickey Dreamkey couldn't happened. 

About one hundred people showed up for the live and taking into consideration Drama's population was OK but considering the fact that it was a free entrance and free (warm) beer event, as it was for Drama's International Short Film Festival opening, I was expecting more people to attend. 

Anyway, at about 21:30 Tuber from Serres hit the stage and the crowd started to feel in place. Tuber's awesome sound spread everywhere without any mistakes. There was no movement in the crowd as everybody seemed to enjoy the post rock cataclysm quietly. In their previous appearances, they had stated that it would be cool to add one more guitarist, something that happened making the sound more solid, the orange light filling the place fitted great with the colors of Tuber's 12" EP. 

After Tuber's one hour set (I think the last song was a very recent one), the time had come for This Is Nowhere. The four guys from (the desert) Thessaloniki started doing their thing quite well. Excellent as always from the beginning 'til the end, they were moving from psych sounds to desert heavy riffs without a regret. Τhe band as a synonym of great sex in their live performances was doing the one thing that they do best, which is one more great live show in front of my bare eyes for an hour more or less. This Is Nowhere belong to the elite of the Greek scene, the only thing that is missing is some new releases which hopefully will be a fact very soon (expected immediately the split 10" with the DeSades and late this winter a full length). 

Last but not least the gang-of-seven, Adolf Plays The Jazz from Athens (long way far from Drama) were started their post-rock-shoegaze thing, compositions with enough intensity and bustle created a cinematic atmosphere being the most appropriate closing for the inaugural concert of the Drama's Short Film Festival. 

Many congratulations to the organizers because the province is in need of such events. It was a wonderful musical evening for everyone and we are hoping all the best to the festival and the screenings!

Report by Just A Burn & Victor
Photos & Video by Victor Malkievic

Check out a video by This Is Nowhere's live performance:

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