19 September 2012

[Live Report] Fjodor, Circassian @ Athens, 17/09/2012

 Fjodor, Circassian @ Athens, 17/09/2012

I could start the review with poetic or literary clichés like "a rainy Monday afternoon of September...". The truth is that it was -but let's not stand on it- which of course made a lot of people staying home.
Fjodor is not a so known band in Greece, and whoever came to the gig I think that learned about them last week as a result of the right promotion of CTS Productions, of which more and more people have a knowledge about the bands they book and generally for the whole organization! To be honest I looked at Fjodor in the last month when they announced that they were looking to book some gigs in Greece. In previous night's gig, we were playing together in Korinthos and it was enough to pull me again to see them live for a second time.

 Fjodor, Circassian @ Athens, 17/09/2012
The evening began with a short delay, so after 10pm Circassian from Athens took the stage in order to make us move on their psychedelic rock rhythms, with strong influences of rock n roll and maybe I dare to say some rockabilly. I think they were a little bit "tight", justified by the fact there was not so much audience as it must be. At the musical or technical part, you can say that they were well performed, having a lot of interesting ideas. The set ended somewhat shortly due to the fact that there was a small delay, as I said, and the day after was a working one.

 Fjodor, Circassian @ Athens, 17/09/2012
After setting up the stands for the synths, Fjodor started their psychedelic colorful trip. The drummer gave an awesome groove which along with the bass, the rhythm section was completed in a very beautiful way and gave a feeling of a continuous jam. The guitar sometimes was filling the groove and some others , the most of them, was lost in psychedelic melodies, where you could close your eyes and go on hazy mood! And all these were filled with the synths that bring the sound closer to the Ozric Tentacles' style. The most of the time the whole thing was so groovy that you didn’t want to end! As psychedelic rock must be… see Hawkwind!

 Fjodor, Circassian @ Athens, 17/09/2012

In conclusion it was a very nice gig that helped everybody to fight the depression of the rainy Monday with the best way, in a relaxed mood and definitely we've learned about another awesome band that in other conditions we would spend 15 minutes listening to a downloaded mp3 and after that we would go to the next! It’s all about promotion!

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