05 July 2012

[Quick Fixes] Eggnogg, Dead End Friends, Earth Drive, King Blood, Mojo Waves

quick fixes

Quick Fixes are back! This time Eggnogg deliver us their new EP few months before their third album comes out while Dead End Friends, Earth Drive and Tongue introduce us to their work for the first time. King Blood is back with another little gem for all noisy fuzzheads out there and finally some wicked, weird tunes brought by Finland's Mojo Waves
eggnog louis
Eggnogg - Louis EP

Year: 2012
Hometown: New York, USA
01. Baras Mogg
02. Vermicious Knidds
03. The Squid The Fandangler
04. The Once-Ler

One year after the release of their second album and few months before their third comes out, Eggnogg offer us an EP in order to "quell fans' appetites" as they say. All four tracks are from their GonZo days but recorded fresh and with new ideas/parts. The EP is named after their former bassist Louis Davidson who played with them when they were known as GonZo. As in their previous releases, Eggnogg deliver some great and distinctive doom rock starting with the monolithic "Baras Mogg" while in the second tune "Vermicious Knidds" they're taking a funky turn. Which leads us in "The Squid The Fandangler", a 9min epic song perfect for these hot days. It starts out like a classic heavy, fuzzy rock tune but almost in the middle of it the 70's funk vibe strikes back... Amazing stuff! "The Once-Ler" closes the EP as it started... doomy with a bigger touch of bitterness. Once more Eggnogg released what I wanted to hear by them! It should hold me for a while, as I'm waiting for the full-length. "Louis EP" will be out on 11 July by Palaver Records. They're also going to start a kickstarter campaign in July to raise funds for pressing their new album on vinyl.

Dead End Friends - Dead End Friends EP
Dead End Friends - Dead End Friends EP

Year: 2012
Hometown: Graz, Austria
01. Blur Ist Scheisse
02. Riding With Trojas
03. Samsara
04. Let's Get Wasted

Dead End Friends were formed in the summer of 2009 and just this January released their first EP featuring four tracks. Τheir sound is rich with a variety of twists and different paths. I would say that their main core is an alloy of psych/stoner rock and shoegaze 's repetition methods. But through a punk/hardcore prism which makes them even more aggressive. Vocals are following the punk attitude with screams and shouts, bringing a lot in mind Blackbird Braum's way of singing. Riffs are brilliant, some times aggressive other mellow and trippy while groove brims in all four songs. This is a release that took me by surprise. They seem to have endless potentials to stand out. It's up to them to surprise me once more in a few months when they're planning to record a full album. Well done guys! You can check a couple of their tracks in bandcamp.

Earth Drive - Ink Storm EP
Earth Drive - Ink Storm EP
Year: 2012
Hometown: Portugal
01. Lactomeda
02. Underwater Cork
03. Ink Storm
04. Western Spirit I
05. White Line
06. Garden Of The Dead
07. Western Spirit

Oh yes! Another Portuguese band... And as expected they're bloody good. Seems that 2012 is their year. Ink Storm is the debut released for Earth Drive, a heavy, intense and quite dark sextet from Portugal. Ink Storm is a release you're listening at once. No pauses, no breaks. It's a great mixture of psychedelia with noise, covered up with eerie riffs and mesmerizing melodies. Sara's exquisite vocals combined with Hermano's bellicose vox bursts works fantastic. "Underwater Cork" and "White Line" are my favorite tunes here. Oh and  the same-titled "Ink Storm"... Check these guys and you won't regret it! You can stream "Ink Storm" or download it from their facebook page.

Tongue - Who Fired The Workers Of Hapiness Factory?
Tongue - Who Fired The Workers Of Hapiness Factory?

Year: 2012
Hometown: Belgrade, Serbia
01. Happiness Factory
02. Spark Of Light
03. Leaving All Behind

Coming from Serbia, Tongue is actually the solo project of Vladimir Bizic, helped by Bosko Mijuskovic and Vojin Klickovic. "Who Fired The Workers Of Hapiness Factory?" is the first volume of a trilogy he's planning to release, called "A Night You'll Never Remember". In my opinion Tongue is more influenced by punk, alternative and grunge than stoner rock. You'll find a lot of Mudhoney references while Vladimir's singing style reminds me Angelic Upstarts' singer, Mensi.  The truth is that the first impression wasn't the best one but after a couple of listenings, I have to say that I really dug it. If it had more moments like this in "Happiness Factory" ending, it would hit the nail right on the head. But nevertheless it's a straight-shooter! You can download it for free from their bandcamp.

Facebook | Bandcamp
King Blood - Vengeance, Man
King Blood - Vengeance, Man

Year: 2012
Hometown: Ohio, USA
01. Vengeance, Man
02. Dead Meet
03. Wheels Across The Night
04. I'll Take What's Mine
05. Here Comes A Candle
06. Silent Dust

Ryland Wharton released his second work as King Blood, following the very successful debut "Eyewash Silver". Well it's currently sold out (320 copies by Richie Records/TestoserTunes) but I want to believe that at some point it'll be re-released so it's good to know about it. Like in his previous LP, raw hard psych melodies are taking the lead here, burning up your little pathetic ears. A fuzzed-out, harsh, schizoid and almost fetishistic form of hypnosis. A blurry ride between psych and drone. The perfect instrument to cause a claustrophobic delirium. Fans of Skullflower, Mainliner, Les Rallizes Denudes, this one goes straight for your ears' pleasure. A fine fuzzy delight! Stream/download the same-titled from the soundcloud link below.

Soundcloud | Richie Records // TestosterTunes
Mojo Waves Introducing Mojo Waves:
Mojo Waves Enjoy, Don't Destroy
Mojo Waves
Year: 2012
Hometown: Vantaa, Finland

Introducing Mojo Waves:
01. I Am Chameleon
02. Ship Of Bone
03. Shirenhead

Enjoy, Don't Destroy
01. Whitebird
02. Yeasayer
03. Questions

Mojo Waves are a power-trio formed just in late 2011. But they don't loose time and have already released two EPs "Introducing Mojo Waves" and "Enjoy, Don't Destroy". They have an interesting musical approach which is quite hard to describe. They're heavy but also have the "free spirit" attitude of garage rock plus a twist of Butthole Surfers and even a small bite of the Melvins' pie.
So musically I like them. What I found hard is getting used to the voice. They have the kind of vocals, you would expect to hear by a Japanese band. The first comes in mind is Bo Ningen which I'm listening a lot lately. But while there seems natural, here it doesn't work for me. Perhaps it's the way they're using it, playing a major role in all tracks while in the Japanese case is more like weird screams here and there. Or maybe their music is not as weird as it takes for a singing style like this one. Anyway, give them a listen and judge by yourselves 'cause at least the instrumental part really rocks. You can download them both from their facebook page.

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