[Review] Nataraya - Demo

Nataraya - Demo
The last couple of weeks, I was quite busy and I didn't have much free time to update Downtuned Mag. But I listened to a lot of music and most of it was really good. Among all these interesting stuff I was hearing, tt least once a day I kept getting back to Nataraya.

They were formed in Thessaloniki somewhere in late 2010 by Apostolis, Kostis and Dimitris when their previous band, March Into The Void, went on hiatus. In January 2012 released their first demo which features six tracks of dark or even better apocalyptic music. 

The first thing I've got to mention about them is that they're following the DIY culture. They're not part of any music industry, they're not chasing big-ass rock dreams and they put all their passion in what they do. They recorded their work and distribute it by themselves and they're not expect by any commercial  media to promote their work. And this way of thinking is something I always respect and admire. Further than that, they offer their work for free download so there are no excuses for not checking them out.

You can take a taste of what Nataraya is all about by looking at their demo's artwork. A simple, abstract design similar to the roots of the tree of despair. If you liked Sun Of Nothing's latest album or Mass Culture's debut then Nataraya will fit your needs perfectly. It's a pity that I hadn't checked them when they released the demo because their music would be a great soundtrack for winter's shady, murky days. But since our times are very hard and depressive and the sun by itself doesn't help much, Nataraya's music perfectly represent all these hopeless moments of our lives.

Musically they're moving in post-metal paths but you can find a lot of sludge references and even some of black metal's nihilism (mainly coming from black metal's experimental or "thinking" side). All six tracks are equally good in terms of quality with "Welcome The End", "Sermon" and "Nausea" to stand out. Actually "Sermon" is my favorite one, having a great structure and an amazing dynamic, making it really hard to remove it from your player.

Generally the whole demo has a great amount of superb riffs, drum fills and energy. Even when they decide to calm a little bit, the tranquility they create makes you really anxious and stressed. Like when everything in your life goes "unnaturally" well but subconsciously you know that something will come up and destroy it in a blink of an eye.  

So even if you're in summer mood, be sure to give them a listen while watching your "happy", twisted urban environment collapse and be replaced by the true nature of things. Let Nataraya end the deceit, you're living in.

Written by Thanos

01. Welcome The End
02. Ecstatic
03. Vigil
04. Sermon
05. Nausea
06. Illusion Of Order

You can download it for free from their website.
For physical needs, you can contact directly the band (for contact info check their website)

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