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Shock Absorber shockwave album cover
Formed in 2006 Shock Absorber from Thessaloniki, released a promo EP in 2007. Five years later, they're back with their debut album "Shockwave". I hadn't listened to their promo so before I check "Shockwave" I didn't know what to expect.

But from the first notes of "Born In A Pit" I knew what we were having here. Pure southern metal in the veins of Down, Pantera and Black Label Society. Down's legacy has played a major role, influencing tons of bands and Shock Absorber is one of them. So prepare to take a 50min dive in the Greek swamps and get covered with the filthy mud of Shock Absorber.

This album has everything you would like to find in a release of this kind. A heavy riff artillery, a big groove machine gun and a dozen of chops burning you with tens of napalm-solos. There are tracks crafted for merciless headbanging like "Hollow Device", "Bonehead" and "Summertime Killer" and mid-tempo ones like the smoked-up "2 Papers Joint" and "The Knife".

"Higher Class Slut" is another highlight, starting with a lot of groove and some excellent riffs to end up in a frenzy high-energy guitar solo, accompanied by strong vocals and furious drumming. One of my personal favorites is "Resolution", a down-tempo, "agonizing" rock song ending the album with great south vibes.

Shockwave's production is thick, concrete with good bass power as it should be. All eleven songs are intense and they don't disappoint you for a second. If you're a fan of southern metal then you're in the right place. Shock Absorber have the skills and they're good in what they do. No doubt about that. But personally I'm totally saturated by this kind of music since not only there aren't new ideas but not even a couple of different "schools". It's the route Pantera and subsequently Down created which exists until today without the slightest modification/intervention. So right from the start when you stumble upon a release tagged as southern metal, you have complete knowledge of what you're going to listen. I would be surprised if for once I'd find something different. 

On the other hand this is what you're going to hear when you're hanging with a couple of friends, cracking a few beers and having a good time by talking about bourbon's maturing process. And for a case like this, my vote goes straight to Shock Absorber. Cheers!

Written by Thanos

01. Born In A Pit
02. Hollow Device
03. All Over The Place
04. Bonehead
05. 2 Papers Joint
06. My Way
07. Higher Class
08. The Knife
09. Summertime Killer
10. The Way Things Are
11. Resolution

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