[Review] :TwinGiant: - Mass Driver

:TwinGiant: - Mass Driver
Six months ago, I introduced you to :TwinGiant:, a stoner/sludge band from Phoenix, Arizona. Back then they had just released a two-track demo. These guys raised a lot of expectations which they fortunately met by releasing their debut album titled "Mass Driver".

"Mass Driver" is a furious, hard-hitting monster puking wrathful riffs. Vocals are deep, throaty and as much aggressive as needed.
Amid the stoner/sludge, I hear elements of space rock as well as a lot of 70's heavy rock references. 

Mastodon and Baroness kind of riff-ology is present too. All of them are successfully mixed and filtered by TwinGiant's personal stigma, bringing us 40 minutes of headbanging pleasure...

Album starts with the instrumental "Abduction", an almost ritualistic two and a half minute tune building up the tension and setting the ground for what is coming next. Distinctive space rock influences come to the front during "Awake The Hull" which is one of their "darkest" moments while the mellow melody in the last minute creates a kind of yin/yang atmosphere. Which perfectly leads us to "Burning Thru", one of my favorites here, where the bass has a leading role building a dense, powerful song. "Adrift In Space" is full of cool smashing drum beats and it's generally moving in a faster tempo, having a good old laid-back twist in the end.

"Concrete Home" takes a good bite from Melvins' weirdness. "H.I.S.M." and "Pale Blue Dot" are album's longest tracks. "Pale Blue Dot" is an "old" favorite killer (from their demo) and definitely one of the catchiest tunes designed for maximum impact. "H.I.S.M." brings in mind a lot of Baroness and it's mainly instrumental since Jarrod's growls make a guest appearance for a few seconds here and there... "Mass Driver" comes to its end with the same titled track which is also instrumental as the first one and it sounds like a victorious anthem after a winning battle...

:TwinGiant: released an outstanding, groovy album. "Mass Driver" is consistent all the way through. Compositions work fine and the playing is full of impulsive aggression. Nikos and Dave made an excellent work in the riffs and the fact that they're using two guitars translates to more awesome heaviness. Jeff's drumming is steady and raw, bringing more concrete into the mix. Mass Driver's defiant force has inspired repeated listening with pleasure guaranteed at all times.

Written by Thanos

01. Abduction
02. Awake In The Hull
03. Burning Thru
04. Eat The Alien
05. Adrift In Space
06. Concrete Home
07. H.I.S.M
08. Pale Blue Dot
09. Mass Driver

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"Mass Driver" is currently released in cd format but soon enough will be released in vinyl too.
For physical needs: Bigcartel

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