[Review] Anno Mundi - Cloister Graveyard In The Snow

Anno Mundi - Cloister Graveyard In The Snow
"Anno Mundi" translates into the "year of the world". It refers to a calendar era, based on the biblical creation of the world. Imagine a time when chaos and darkness were all there was. Lay back and try to mix these gloomy images with the proper soundtrack. Add a generous dose of NWOBHM and you have "Cloister Graveyard In The snow".

Anno Mundi is a two man band coming from Italy. It was formed in Rome in 2009 by Alessio Morelli (electric guitars, percussions, backing vocals) and Gianluca Livi (percussion, acoustic guitar, bass and noise?). Besides these two founding members various special guests have contributed in the making of this LP, released in 2011 and soon expected to be turned into a cd version.

The recording was conducted at the "Three Fates Record Studios", owned by the Italian cult band Ezra Winston (the band adresses special thanks to Paolo Lucini).

The LP is divided in two sides: "A Side" consisting of "Scarlet Queen", "The Shining Darkness" and "Dwarf Planet", while "B Side" contains three tracks the first of which, "Callifreyan's Suite" is divided in three parts -  a) Access To The Fourth Dimension, b) Tardis, c) Timelord. "Scarlet Queen" is a vivid sample of the NWOBHM musical genre. "Dwarf Planet" demonstrates how deeply influenced the band is from Black Sabbath bringing doom and chaos impending over our pretty heads. You have the opening line from "Black Sabbath"  itself and its basic rhythm line along with the innovating addition of a saxophone.

As for the "Shining Darkness" it finds its way somewhere between Black Sabbath and Saint Vitus, a purely doom track with the vocals bearing a somekind of vague resemblance to these of Mike Patton, offering a clear feeling of insanity to the song. In my opinion the top moment of this LP along with the third part of the "Callifreyan's Suite". Anno Mundi's LP  is completed with "God Of The Sun" an outstanding mixture of Pentagram and Pagan Altar.

Anno Mundi's release is without any doubt, a tribute to the 70's Proto-doom stream, with heavy metal pumping through their veins. Though I enjoyed their songs I have to say that they may should find a more personal stigma for their next releases. I would like to see them evolve into a band that incorporates its influences in their own distinctive identity.

Don't take my word for it and see for yourselves. "Cloister Graveyard In The Snow" is a time machine that invites you to jump into a black 70's DeLorean and travel back to the beginning of all times. Enjoy the ride!

Written by Maria

Side A
01. Scarlet Queen
02. The Shining Darkness 
03. Dwarf Planet 
Side B
01. Gallifreyan's Suite:
a. Access To The 4th Dimension 
b. Tardis 
c. Timelord 
02. Cloister Graveyard In The Snow 
03. God Of Sun 

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"Cloister Graveyard In The Snow" was released in 100 copies which are sold-out. But the cd version will be out in late November/early December 2012.

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