[Live Report] Nightstalker, Hidden In The Basement, Lizardia, High Noon @ Volos, 22/10/2011

Nightstalker, Hidden In The Basement, Lizardia, High Noon @ Volos, 22/10/2011

From the very first time it was anounced that Nightstalker is coming in Volos, everybody was anxious to see it coming! With the additions of High Noon, Lizardia and Hidden In The Basement, the scenery was completed.
The venue was ideal for such a show because its structure allows people to feel comfortable and move to any direction without being obstructed by anything. The gates opened at 21:00 and by 21:30 there were about 100 people already inside.

The show started at 21:45 and the first to take the stage were High Noon. The band from Thessaloniki seemed to be quite improved from the last time I saw them performing live and the guys played really well. The sound was very loud but clear and supported the band's efforts. Their own Down - like songs were very good, performed with passion and much intensity! The tunes they played from their Red E.P. were very rhythmic and had this southern feeling that bands like Corrosion Of Conformity and Black Label Society have. They also played a cover of Into the Void by Black Sabbath, very close to the original.

After 40 minutes, it was time for Lizardia to walk on stage. The band from Volos has a style which varies from Heavy Rock to Doom Metal. The beer flowed abundant as Lizardia were performing songs from their new yet untitled demo and people seemed to like them a lot, judging by the massive applause! Two songs from The Serpent's Trace demo followed and the band chose to close the show with a cover of "The Ballad Of Solomon Eagle" by Orange Goblin. There were screams of enthusiasm when the singer prefaced the cover, proving that Orange Goblin had many fans in the crowd!
I must say that the sound was very good, even better than before, which was very encouraging for the bands to follow! Lizardia's setlist lasted for 45 minutes and they left the stage thanking the crowd for their support.

People kept on coming and Hidden In The Basement followed on stage. The band from Larissa performed flawlessly and were very comfortable on stage. Their stage presence was one of a professional showing that the guys have played many times in front of a lot of people. The style of their music is difficult to be placed under a certain label but the songs had structure that are hard to be performed live and Hidden In The Basement were very good on that field. The two guitars had a perfect loud sound but the drums were a bit low compared to the other instruments. People were enjoying the show and supported the band's rhythm and appearance. Once again, the applause was very intense.

The time had come for Nightstalker to take the stage. The last time they visited Volos was back in 1995 and people were very excited to see the band after so many years. After a little delay, Argy gave the start for the next one hour and ten minutes of pure Stoner Rock or just Rock 'n' Roll! The sound was excellent and very loud, 20 years and more of performing made the band feel like kings on stage! Everyone was dancing, screaming, drinking and feeling so good seeing Nightstalker smashing the place! They performed songs from all of their albums focusing on their last effort "Superfreak". After 1 hour or so, the band walked the stage again to play a couple of songs before leaving and make everybody on the crowd very happy and drunk!! Nightstalker is a band that deserves to be on top and it proves it everytime on stage.

In conclusion, the night was superb, the bands were very good and the people enjoyed it very much as you could see happy faces everywhere!

Report by Pijo

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  1. i don't know about he first two bands ( High Noon, Lizardia ) but the 3rd one didn't had the great sound that you're talkig about.