[Review] Craang - Recordings Volume One

Craang - Recordings Volume One

Coming from Thessaloniki, Craang are one of the youngest children of Greek heavy rock scene. Formed in 2010, they are a stoner / heavy rock trio consisting of Stevie (Vox/Guitar), Mike (Bass) and Nick (Drums).

Their first work "Recordings Volume One" was recorded in 2011's summer, released in the first days of autumn and it features four tracks. In the demo the bass was played by their former member Nick who left the band after the recordings.

Before I pass to the music, I have to say that I really like their demo's artwork which clearly refers to the Mexican holiday "Día de Muerto" kind of art.

The demo kicks in with "City Of Light" which is a good mid-tempo opener with a lot of NOLA-style references (especially the guitars). "Ace In My Hand" comes next which is more vocal-focused but with a great riff part in the end of it. 

The third song "Devil's Grass" starts with a smoked-up Down-like intro and it has some more doomish moments than the others. Vocals are great here in my opinion and personally I'll pick this one as my demo's favorite tune. "Recordings Volume One" ends with "Never Too High (Never Too Low)" which is the lay-back, chill-out track of the demo, having a cool desert rock vibe. An excellent way to finish a record...

These guys released a great first work showing that they have potentials, they have good ideas and definitely have soul. The songs are well-played and catchy. Of course don't expect any kind of innovations here or something new, just some good ol' straight heavy rock. Having in mind that they're together as a band for almost a year, the result is totally satisfactory.

On the other side, I have to say that the demo lacks in power and dynamics. But it's not the band's compositions or playing to blame. It's just caused by the production (since it's self-released and self-recorded). I mean at some points I'm loosing totally the bass which leads in missing the groove. The guitars also don't have the power I would like for a stoner band. But as I said they're a matter of production which can easily be corrected. 

I'm happy to see new bands here in Greece trying like these guys do. Give them a listen and you won't be disappointed. And stay tuned 'cause they're going to remaster/remix some of the tracks where we'll be able to hear better the work Craang have done. They're having an ace in their hands after all...

Tracklist :
01. City Of Light
02. Ace In My Hand
03. Devil's Grass
04. Never Too High (Never Too Low)

You can order the CD for 2.5 € by contacting directly the band. Check their myspace for more merchandise. Craang's email : craang@live.com

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