[Live Report] Weedeater, Korsikov, Stonenrow @ Athens, 01/05/11

Weedeater, Korsikov, Stonenrow @ Athens, 01/05/11
Stonenrow: After 1 hour plus delay, they played Instead of Sadhus. Probably the band didn’t make it and these guys had to be called last minute. Not 100% sure about that but that’s my guess.
I found out about the two guys (guitar/drums) from the “Miss Fortune…” collection.
Although I really liked “The Harvest” contained in the collection the rest of the songs in the live didn’t do much for me. Slow, noise/drone, with distorted vocals…
This wasn’t really what I had in mind for the band as I was expecting something more in the vein of Electric Wizard. Will see them again to get a better view

Korsikov: Another favorite from “Miss Fortune…”. This one actually went way beyond my expectations.
Two -heavy as hell- guitars (no bass) and a heavy duty drummer giving everything on stage. Musically they move somewhere between Acid King and High on Fire. The vocals definitely reminded me that of Pike’s. There were also some desert rock crossings especially in the solos. The crowd seemed to like them and I am expecting their release.

Weedeater: During the Korsikov show Dixie was drinking Jack and several beers. I don’t know what it is with this beer and Jack combination but American bands seem to like it! “Jack feels smoother here” Dixie said when I commented that he almost did a whole bottle by himself! So, the band got on stage with Dixie carrying a new bottle of Jack and three large beer cans.

After a brief soundcheck they opened with “God Luck and Good Speed”. Right there I could tell: This is the fucking loudest, more massive sound of any live I’ve ever been. Period. Trust me guys, the only comparison in matters of heaviness I can think of is…Weedeater. Throughout the show there were several problems with the sound of the vocals though. Sometimes you couldn’t hear any vocals at all, but that was the least of the problems. Dixie, overkinetic, crosseyed and at times pretending (!?!?) to be drunk was throwing a show of his own.

The band members agreed on the upcoming songs based on baseball signals (!) and there were always brief breaks of just guitar feedback in between the songs. At one point before “Turkey Warlock” some guy from the crowd gave Dixie a huge joint and started smoking it like crazy (see video below). The joint moved on to the rest of the band members and returned to crowd. Funny scenes continued between songs with Shep asking for a cigarette and Dixie throwing the one he was smoking to his face. Not to mention that the crowd was ecstatic the whole time.

Later on Dixie screams “This is the last song for tonight”. I found it really strange as they ‘ve only been playing for less than 40 minutes. And if you count out the small breaks between songs then the real running time would something like half an hour. Just when I was happy that I would listen to “Weed Monkey” for a closer…kabum…the bass amplifier stops working…More delay…Finally they figured a way to go on with half the bass power. “We are going to do this with our balls cut off”. “Weed Monkey” starts Dixie seemed to literally punch his bass to get the desired effect.
After a minute or so Dixie says: “Sorry guys I can’t keep on with half the bass power”… “I can’t hear anything. I’ve been doing this job for 20 years…maybe I am deaf!” The crowd was half frozen. Most of the people had a smile on their faces. The drummer through the entire ride cymbal (?!?!?!) as a way of saying thank you and sorry (I guess).
This could be the best live for this year or this could be the worst depending on the way you see it. The conclusions are up to you…

Review and videos by Dr.Doom

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