[Videotheque] Skiska Skooper - Plastic Mastermind

Skiska Skooper - Plastic Mastermind
Almost 2 years after their previous crazy release "Universal Space Shifter" which contained the 42 minute track Introvert Party (for which there is also a video here) Belgian noise rockers Skiska Skooper are back with a new album!

The new album "Surreality Check" was released just yesterday, following the release of the single Plastic Mastermind which was given in public earlier in February along with an official video which you can watch it above on youtube or scroll at the bottom to watch it here on Downtuned Magazine.
video credits:
Directed by Isabella Tan
Camera by Peter Pascucci

the full album "Surreality Check" is available on bandcamp:

watch video on blogger:

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