[Videotheque] Skiska Skooper - Introvert Party

'Introvert Party' is a 42 minute track which was included in Skiska Skooper's debut album 'Unviversal Space Shifter' which was released on April 2018.

Now the the band returns with a 42 minute video for that track, promising to enhance the already noisy and chaotic atmosphere and blow your mind to pieces!
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The band also states that: “Introvert Party” sets the record for longest videoclip ever (not counting Pharell William’s 24-hour “Happy” loop)
Introvert Party takes you on a 42 minute rollercoaster inside the heads of those who will be known as timid. Where peace seems to dominate, there’s an eruption of chaos and emotions. The most quiet in our midst will be the most expressive, be it at a place no one will ever reach.
This is your opportunity to experience that madness. Be it in any form you want it to be.
Feel free to see what you want to see, hear what you want to hear and don’t forget: let your inner desires take over.
Sit back. Relax. And let your party take control.

Additional info:
Genre: Noise Rock / Avant-rock
Location: Hasselt, BE
Influences: John Frusciante, Lou Reed, The Jimi Hendrix Experience. | For fans of: Butthole Surfers, Raketkanon, Sonic Youth

SKISKA SKOOPER is the musical equivalent to a kick in the face. Skewed guitars, distorted vocals, warped synths and droney drums invade your comfort zone and take you to a trancelike state. As you start to drift away, you realize you won't be able to forget this experience any time soon.
In February 2018 Skiska Skooper ended up in The Big Belgian Noiserock list, alongside Raketkanon, Vandal X, Cocaine Piss and many more.

Skiska Skooper band photoSkiska Skooper band photo Skiska Skooper band photo Skiska Skooper band photo

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