[Quick Fixes] Advent Varic - Saturn 9

Advent Varic - Saturn 9
A couple of weeks ago and in an attempt to find something different to listen and 'clear out' my ears and my playlist as well, I found myself wandering in some of bandcamp's dark corners. And among dozens of clicks that didn't fully satisfy my weird apetite I gladdly stumbled upon Advent Varic.

Never been familiar with the band before I was intrigued by their artworks that were shouting: "BLACK METAL!!" but mostly by the fact that the band described its music as 'blackened stoner metal' which sounded too 'weird' ignore it. By checking the available releases I realized that the band was quite new and have only released three songs with the latest being "Saturn 9" (I guess it's a reference to the game?) which brought to my mind the '80s scifi movie 'Saturn 3' and gave me the final push to give the first listen.

The recipe is simple yet so tasty: Take black'n'roll and slow it down enough to be able to add some doom riffs, keep the dark atmosphere and the blackened vocals and retain a groovy riffing and there you have it. Despite the fact the the title of this post refers to "Saturn 9" the above description also applies to their other two works, Tumulus Part I & II, two 'songs' with durations of 20 and 15 minutes respectively that go much deeper into darkness with a slightly more progressive touch.

Definitely a band to keep an eye on, especially for those that want something darker but still groovy enough and those that enjoy some scifi horror stories in the lyrics.

Listen to all three songs below and watch the video the band created for "Saturn 9".

Advent Varic band photo 2019

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