Releases, in threes [#5] HeavyRock we love pt.I

Releases, in threes [#5] HeavyRock we love pt.I
- ARENNA - "Given to Emptiness"
- ELBRUS - "Elburs"

- In "Releases, in threes" three albums of about the same genre or attitude (or not) are reviewed in brief. Probably one would enjoy listening the three of them in a row, no matter the order. 
Still sobering up from the drinking of the days that preceded and followed new year's eve I found myself wondering about making a list of 2018's favorite albums or something like that. After a lot (not) of thought and since more days of general debauchery followed I found myself listening to some past -non 2018- releases that would calm my troubled ears, brain and liver. I found shelter on three favorite heavy rock albums which the last week they played repeatedly through my speakers and really helped me get my self together :-) Three bands that come from three completely different countries: Spain, Poland and Australia. Enjoy!

Arenna - Given to Emptiness
Arenna - Given to Emptiness (2015, Spain)
- The band about themselves: ...lovers of heavy riffs
- Us about the band:  soul and mind healing atmospheric heavy rock.
- Facts:  sophomore album and 2nd cosecutive time that those guys release a really beautiful work.
- Short comment: having followed them since their demo, clearly they're getting better and better.
- Strong point:  the constantly airy atmosphere blended with tasty fuzzed riffs the ethereal solos and the particularly distinctive vocals.
- We are curious...  to see how they will continue to blend their heavy riffs with psychedelia
- For a quick taste... press play on Drums for Sitting Bull.
More info: bandcamp | facebook

Elbrus - Elbrus
Elbrus - Elbrus (2016, Australia)
- The band about themselves: ...a dive into the sonic platter of the blues, resonating through with fuzzed out riffs, spacious organ undertones and stirring vocal melodies.
- Us about the band: bluesy hearts with doomy minds
- Facts: debut album - 2016
- Short comment: we need more blues harp!
- Strong point: the way the vocals support a great deal of the compositions' "weight" and give extra power and passion to the final result.
- We are curious... to see how this band performs live.
- For a quick taste... press play on The Eyes of the Mammal
More info: bandcamp | facebook

Weedpecker - II
Weedpecker - II (2015, Poland)
- The band about themselves: ...dreamy psychedelic rock tunes with some stoner heavy grungy riffing
- Us about the band: ...heavy rock full of fuzzy riffs and constantly flirting with a hidden psych side
- Facts: ...a great successor of a very tasty debut (read review of debut here)
- Short comment: ...another soul healing album that satisfies both heavy and psych needs.
- Strong point: ...the beautiful blend of fuzzy and ethereal atmosphere
- We want... ...them to continue on the same trail. In fuzz we trust!
- For a quick taste... press play on Fat Karma
More info: bandcamp | facebook 

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