[News] 45RATS, 10 years anniversary party

The Curf, Routes, Hellroad Caravan, 45Rats It was 30th December 2008 when 45RATS made their first live appearance at RODEO Club (Athens) on the side of The Curf, Routes and Hellroad Caravan.

Now, on 12th January 2019 and 10 years after their first live, having one EP (First Gear, 2011) and two full albums (Electric, 2013 | Gazer, 2017) they are inviting The Curf on their 10year anniversary party at Black Box Studio (Athens).

The instrumental rock'n'roll trio 45RATS, for a decade now are carving in stone their own heavy rock hybrid which while it sounds as a revival of some sort it manages to stay up to date and keep a contemporary attitude, combining groove and solos that never forget their classic roots.

10 years have passed from that first jam and their first live on December 2008, and 45RATS have made three releases and countless live appearances in many venues and stages around Greece.

The Curf, carrying their own history, a favorite one of the Greek Heavy underground scene, could not be absent from this celebration. The solid, massive, slow moood of the Melvins meets the rock'n'roll dirt of Motorhead and the rough, crude psychedelia of early Monster Magnet. They will be the ideal opening for such an anniversary as the closing of that night was, on 30 December 2008 at Rodeo Club.

Last but not least!! dj StRts will also be on decks for the party!

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