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I usually don’t like the idea of writing a "review" about an album and the following should not be considered as such. I often like to share my opinion about something I listened and enjoyed and that’s what this is all about. Well, I just want to say a few words about those guys from Poland, their band named “Weedpecker” and their debut album.

Until recently I had only listened to the Weedpecker’s demo (2012) which had left me with very good impressions. The band’s instrumental approach was very interesting, giving to the listener three very promising tracks filled with nice ideas.
Then came the debut album!

Beginning with the artwork, it’s a very nice piece of work and it surely follows the same theme and atmosphere that the band’s name denotes. There may be many people that will find this to be an overused “cliché”, especially in this kind of music, and it sure is, along with names that contain 'bong-', 'dope-' etc :p, but this is irrelevant concerning the music that the band has to offer.

The album consists of 6 tracks delivering about 40 minutes of music to the listener. The new thing here is that there is vocal presence in three of the tracks (Berenjena Pipe, Mindbreath, Sativa Landscapes). Compared to the demo the sound has obviously better quality, and I realized that the band chose to follow a more heavy musical “path” (“Kraken”) than I firstly thought they would, but still keeping their atmospheric mood. They also manage to blend those two characteristics quiet well (“Sativa Landscapes”) using tasty and euphoric guitar solos to add up to the whole result. The type of vocals they chose to add to the tracks are in the "right" direction in my opinion and they contribute to the final result.

Taking in consideration that this is a debut album, the only thing that I can wish to the band is to continue what they are doing because they are doing it well.
Take a moment and listen to their tracks in bandcamp and (why not?) buy some great music if you enjoy it…

by Sotos

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