[Review] Green Yeti - Desert Show

Green Yeti - Desert Show
The Yeti landed for the first time on earth on February 2016 [debut review here, (in Greek)] and marched, stamping the ground with its heavy footsteps for about 14 months.
Somewhere along the road the Yeti decided to take a turn and follow the paths towards the desert. Nobody
knows how long it wandered in the vast dunes and what strange encounters it had in those harsh rocky landscapes as it roamed through countless dark caves.

Fortunately, on April 2017 it decided to reappear for a heavy "Desert Show".
Luckily for us, it appears that all those months the Yeti must have been feeding on some strange exotic things it carried on its spaceship when it landed, along with some serious quantity of psychoactive galactic stardust. The result was much more psychedelic and spaced but still heavy as the Yeti's footsteps.

Green Yeti are back with a new album sooner than I personally expected and that fact shows that they've been working hard for this purpose. Taking in consideration that the recordings were made live in their "cave", that mixing/mastering was done again by themselves the DIY way, that they changed drummer while they were halfway through with the recordings and that they also recorded an extra track for a compilation (yet unreleased) one can surely say that they put great effort on finishing "Desert Show" with such a quality result.

"Desert Show" is actually consisted of three parts, the first (Black Planets) and the last (Bad Sleep) are divided into two individual parts each and 'Rojo' stands in the middle, a 'worthy' bridge between them. Green Yeti this time preferred to go with not so lengthy compositions as in their debut, where they were constantly flirting with the 20minute, but they still show their sympathy to long duration tracks.

Yet it is clear that this is the true nature of Green Yeti and it sure is their strong characteristic, making lengthy compositions that evolve wonderfully slow, unearthly atmospheric, strangely heavy and addictively rhythmic. Another strong characteristic that was made even more clear with this release is the band's particular skill in blending psychedelic atmosphere with heavy riffs and a lot of melodic elements both in vocals and guitar compositions. This is more than obvious in 'Rojo' where Michael sings in Spanish, and is probably the most melodic song of Green Yeti so far, however it lacks no rhythm compared to the rest of the compositions. It didn't take me long to pick "Rojo" as my favorite song but that doesn't mean that the rest of the album is less addictive. ['Rojo' was also then name of Dani's first heavy rock band].
'Rojo' was also featured in the compilation "Recursive Olethros vol.1" available here.
 Green Yeti band photo
Personally, since this release came into my hands, I've caught myself almost all the times listening to the album from the beginning to the end, feeling it as a unity, and as the album reached its end most of the times felt the urge to play it again from the start. One thing I've got to admit about those guys is that they really know how to create some pretty addictive tunes, and if their debut was hard for some people to listen (not for me though) due to its extra-lengthy tracks, 'Desert Show' is here to change this. I have the feeling that with this album Green Yeti must have made a whole bunch of new fans and I'm pretty certain that these fans aren't only from the doom 'caste'.

It is hard to be original, especially when it comes to doom music, but the sure thing is that Green Yeti are not here to mimic anyone or 'chew over' again and again the same old recipe. They are obviously trying to create their own character and leave their own characteristic yeti-footprint and, guess what, until now, they are succeeding in doing so.

Green Yeti are: 
Bass: Danis Avramidis
Guitar & Vocals: Michael Andresakis
Drums: Giannis Koutroumpis

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