[Band Visit] Spine Chilling Breeze [GR]

Spine Chilling Breeze
Spine Chilling Breeze is a Heavy Rock band, based in Thessaloniki, Greece and they were formed around 2010-11 by Achilleas (guitar) and Stavros (bass).
Sounding noisy and aggressive, they mix modern riffs, with a vintage feeling and always heavy!

Their first release was "promo 2012" (read review) and 5 months later, they released their full length album "Milky Way" (read review), a heavy sounding mid-tempo album that combines super fuzzy bass lines, big raw guitars, vintage drum beats and burry-sharp drunken vocals.

In early 2014 the band decided to split up, but almost 2 years later, they came back with a new drummer and a single release, the song "Venom on my Lips", which was the landmark of their reactivation and the precursor of their forthcoming release.

Currently, the band is recording a new album, titled "Estrus, Humidity and Other Addictives" that is going to be released around September 2017.

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