[Review] Spine Chilling Breeze - Promo 2012

Spine Chilling Breeze Promo
Spine Chilling Breeze are a newly formed band from Thessaloniki. They got together last April when Achilleas (guitar) and Stavros (bass) left aside a cover project they had in order to concentrate in making their own music. Vasilis (vocals) and Gregory (drums) joined them and S.C.B. were ready to roll...

In late 2011 they entered the studio in order to record their first work and introduce S.C.B to the world... And here we are in 2012, releasing their first promo which features two tracks of pleasant, worth listening heavy music. 

The band itself states that their music is a blend of stoner, alternative, psych and space but personally I think that here we deal with some straight-forward stoner metal (nothing wrong with this of course).

"You Know I Love It Dirty", a 4+ minute song, is promo's first track which makes a good impression right from the beginning. It starts in an uptempo rhythm and somewhere in the middle takes a more laid-back jam route before a nice solo gets it back on where it started. To be honest Vasilis' vocals seemed to me a little bit "weird" but after a while you can see that fit their music (he should incorporate more of his growls in his style. They're good...).

"Losing My Insanity" is the second track and my favorite. Great rhythm section, thicker riffs, better ideas and more aggression. A catchy tune which cleared any objections I had for the vocals. "Losing My Insanity" made me to push my player's repeat button a lot of times and this means a lot.

Taking in consideration that we're talking about a promo work from a new band, Spine Chilling Breeze surely make a really good first impression. Yes the production could be better (in my opinion thicker sound in guitars, pump up the bass a little bit etc.) but it's a promo after all. I would also prefer to hear more tracks like "Losing My Insanity" and why not see more psych and desert rock references in their future songs. They have quality songwriting skills but also they have to work more in creating their own musical identity. In their plans is the release of a demo in 2012 so I'll keep an eye on them and let you know when something is out... Well done guys!

01. You Know I Love It Dirty
02. Losing My Insanity

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