[Quick Fixes] Brain Pyramid - Magic Carpet Ride

brain pyramid - magic carpet rideBrain Pyramid is a quite recently formed power-trio and they've just released their first EP. These French guys have studied very well Earthless' cosmic jams, something obvious right from the first track "Bad Luck". 
"Stone Woman Blues" as the title suggests, moves into more electric blues territories and in the second blues-titled track, things become even more southern. "Cosmic 1000 Years" gets us slowly back on the Earthless track so "Electric Spell" can finish us off. I have to mention their singer's "exotic" English accent, especially in "Electric Spell" spoken parts which works unexpectedly good. "Magic Carpet Ride" is a fine start for Brain Pyramid and my opinion is to leave back the south and move on with their psych side. Ah and it's for free on their bandcamp.. Well done!

Year: 2013
Hometown: Rennes, France
01. Bad Luck
02. Stone Woman Blues
03. Mary Jane Blues
04. Cosmic 1000 Years
05. Electric Spell

by Thanos

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