[Quick Fixes] Surly Gates - Surly Gates EP

Surly Gates - Surly Gates EP
I discovered these guys from the Dead Radio Comp I posted couple of weeks ago where they contributed their EP's first track. Coming from Austin, TX and as you may have guessed they're a psychedelic band. And they're so damn good.

Their music is flavored by bands like Black Angels but dipped deeper in the 60's psychedelic pot. Here comes their first 4-track EP while they're currently in the process of a full album.
By using carnival-like organ and oscillators along with their full of reverb garage guitars, they create an amazing hazy, warm and sweet sorrowfulness ("Growl" kicks you right in the heart) which is impossible not to like... Smoke it for free...
Year: 2012
Hometown: Austin, Texas
01. March Of The Fur Creatures
02. Proud Indian
03. Growl
04. Pisces

by Thanos

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