Radar Men From The Moon + Routes Live In Thessaloniki

45 years passed and still they are trying to make us believe that the man reached and walked on the moon. Poorly made videos shot in deserts were used to fuel that propaganda. The biggest misfortune though is that some believed them. Moreover, some others created music bands and decided to name it after them. Radar Men from the Moon so it says, O.K there was a series with the same name the time when this space travelling lie began. 
Still, some will jump to their defence, they are Dutch one might say, they play psychedelic/ space/ stoner rock another will add, and also instrumental the first will comment again. The fact that, their new second/ first record, was released last year and is tilted Echo Forever may sound insignificant to some, I still have my reservations since their first EP was out in 2011 and hark…was entitled Dada & Space Trombones. Radar Men from the Moon are a three piece. And still the world continues to believe that man reached the moon and walked on it as well.

Saturday the 27th if April 2013 @ Eightball Live Stage, Thessaloniki, at 21:00. 
 Admission: 12€ 
Supporting Act: ROUTES

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