[Videotheque] Rosy Finch - Black Lodge

Black Lodge is a new track by Rosy Finch from Spain which was included in the compilation "Grados, Minutos, Segundos", 2021 (vinyl boxset available by Spinda Records.) and is also a part of a split vinyl record together with the band MOURA

Rosy Finch on “Black Lodge”:
.."As a big fan of ‘Twin Peaks’ I’ve always had the idea of turning into Laura Palmer and living inside a dark song. In “Black Lodge” you can see many references and symbology of the Lynch’s universe. We try to reflect the anguish but also the seduction undertaken by the characters. Not only the video has been inspired in the TV Series, the lyrics describe some moments and iconic quotes but always through the Laura Palmer’s voice.”
Rosy Finch - Black Lodge cover artRosy Finch band photo

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