[News] Anal Veritas to release new EP 'DmLShD'

Anal Veritas - DmLshD
Αnal Veritas are back with a new release! 3 years after their last full album “Happy Estella”, 2017 (review here) Anal Veritas are presenting their new 3-track EP “DmLShD, in a collaboration with Chrysa Tsalatampasi (Spineless, Bella Fuzz, Biotech, National Pornografik) and Tenia Larda (Mock The Mankind).

We are happy to present you the artwork and the tracklist of the EP which will be officialy released on Monday 3rd August, exclusively via the band's official bandcamp page.
1. Superfix (3:38)
2. DmLShD  (3:12)
3. Whispers of A Crawling Ghost (8:23)

The recordings and mixing took place at Feedback Sound Studio by Dimitris Tsakmakis (Dime St) and mastering by Dimitris Papadimitriou Sweetspot productions.

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