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Familia de Lobos debut album cover
Familia de Lobos (translated: Wolf Family or Family of Wolves) is a band from Argentina that was formed back in 2016 and released a s/t debut album in 2017 (also available by Riot Season since 2018).

Their sound in this debut album is characterized by a sort of shamanic, mantric psychedelia that also has a very strong and beautiful scent of South American folk which actually makes it special. If you are fed up and you're searching for something different to refresh your ears and your mind then this is for you!

It's obvious they have several influences from the 70's psychedelic rock mixed so nicely with folk instruments (e.g. bombo legüero, caja vidalera) and blended with a more contemporary synth atmosphere which makes it sound more ambient.

From their lyrics and aesthetic, Familia de Lobos intends to restore the bond between the human being, the earth and the living forms in it; the re-connection of himself and his most primitive emotions, sharing and restoring in that way, the spiritual world of the original people from south american, in the context of modern life. 

Familia de Lobos is:
Charly Cross - guitar
Eric Moreno - guitarra & vocals
Maria Anselmo - percussion & bombo legüero
Matias Rivara - percussion.
Andres Merlo - synthesizer & samples
Pablo Marcaccio - bass

Familia de Lobos band photo
Familia de Lobos band photo
photo: Joaquin Burgariotti

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